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UNStudio Unveils the Future of Ferris Wheels with the Seoul Twin Eye Design

UNStudio redefines urban landscapes with the Seoul Twin Eye, world’s tallest spokeless ferris wheel.

Courtesy of UNStudio

UNStudio, in collaboration with Arup and Heerim Architecture, has unveiled the design for the world’s tallest spokeless Ferris wheel, the ‘Seoul Twin Eye’, set to be constructed in Seoul. This pioneering project was initiated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and is part of the ‘Han River with a Thousand Sunsets’ vision by the Mayor of Seoul, aiming to transform spots along the Han River into public spaces.

Courtesy of UNStudio

The Seoul Twin Eye, standing at 180 meters tall, will be a revolutionary addition to the Sangam World Cup Park, adjacent to the Han River and the World Cup Stadium. This unique Ferris wheel features two intersecting rings, each holding pods that travel along inside and outside tracks, offering an unparalleled experience. The design can accommodate 64 capsules, each capable of carrying 20-25 people, thereby enabling over 1,400 individuals to enjoy the ride simultaneously, nearly doubling the capacity of the famous London Eye.

Courtesy of UNStudio

Moreover, the wheel will be part of a larger cultural complex, rising 40 meters high, housing exhibition spaces, a performance hall, retail, and food & beverage outlets. With a total height of 220 meters, the Seoul Twin Eye will provide expansive panoramic views of Seoul, surpassing any existing Ferris wheel in height and design.

Courtesy of UNStudio

The project also includes the construction of a monorail linking the subway station to the Ferris wheel and a zip line for added visitor experiences. The design, inspired by the Honcheonsigye, an ancient Korean astronomical clock, symbolizes unity and Korea’s drive for innovation and progress. The double ring structure offers both stability and a distinct aesthetic, with Arup ensuring its earthquake and wind resistance.

Courtesy of UNStudio

The Seoul Metropolitan Government anticipates starting construction around 2025, following a final review by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, with completion expected by 2028. This landmark undertaking reflects Seoul’s commitment to innovation and creating engaging public spaces for its residents and visitors.

Courtesy of UNStudio

Seoul Observation Wheel, Seoul, South Korea, 2023

Client: The Reits, Kempinsky Hotel & Resorts Chuncheon
Location: Peace Park, Seoul, South Korea
Building surface: 49,614 m2
Building volume: 699,492 m3
Building site: 51,713 m2
Programme: Cultural
Status: Concept Vision

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Gerard Loozekoot with Harlen Miller, Crystal Tang and Inés Verna

In collaboration with: Arup and Heerim Architects

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