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nendo Presents ‘Whispers of Nature’ Exhibit at Milan Design Week

Innovative Design Meets Natural Inspiration

Photography by Hiroki Tagma ( nendo Presents ‘Whispers of Nature’ Exhibit at Milan Design Week )

Amidst Milan Design Week 2024, nendo presents an homage to nature with their exhibition, “nendo: whispers of nature,” hosted at Paola Lenti Milano. This event marks twenty years of nendo‘s presence at the event, inviting attendees to explore nature’s charm anew. Through careful craftsmanship, nendo translates the delicate whispers of nature into captivating artworks.

Photography by Hiroki Tagma
Photography by Hiroki Tagma

At the core of the exhibit lies a contemplation of clouds’ ever-changing essence, where light and shadow play, time flows, and emotions stir with rain’s gentle touch. Five distinct collections emerge from this introspection, seamlessly integrated into nendo’s ongoing journey of design and nature fusion. The “Passing Rain” collection captures rain’s fleeting beauty through sculptural containers delicately suspended on stainless steel stems. These vessels evoke the transient nature of a passing shower with impeccable grace.

Photography by Hiroki Tagma

Inspired by cloud shapes, “Clustered Clouds” presents a translucent shelf system crafted from perforated stainless steel, creating a sense of volume and emptiness reminiscent of the sky.

Pond Dipping” explores textile patterns born from a simple act of dipping, generating intricate designs that embrace spontaneity and natural elements. While “Depth of Soil” interprets the sedimentation of epochs through terrazzo-like effects on tables and chairs, inviting viewers to delve into the earth’s rich history.

Photography by Hiroki Tagma

Lastly, “Light and Shade” explores the interplay between these elements through furniture molded and cast to reveal their inseparable bond. In “nendo: whispers of nature,” visitors are invited to pause and reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. Through precise craftsmanship, nendo encourages us to immerse ourselves in the whispers of nature’s charm.

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