The Most Unique Shipping Container Innovations

This article will explore some of the most original and inspiring shipping container innovations and uses.

As their name indicates, shipping containers are traditionally used for the shipping of heavy merchandise, materials, and goods.

However, they are now being used in unique and inventive ways.

This article will explore some of the most original and inspiring shipping container innovations and uses.

Ten inventive ways that shipping containers are being used

Here are some of the top shipping container creations across the globe.

1. Schools

Shipping containers are affordable, quick to build, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and pretty simple to personalize. As long as you use a container roof structure you should be able to build a large school.

This makes them perfect for building schools in remote places or poorer regions. It can also just be a great alternative to traditional school architecture and can help make a school stand out in a richer country or neighborhood.

2. Affordable housing

Just as with schools, shipping containers are great for quick and simple affordable housing solutions.

With the right amount of work and renovations, they can be turned into small yet comfortable tiny houses and flats.

3. First-aid and emergency hospitals

Not only are shipping containers used for schools and housing, but they are also being used as quick infrastructure solutions during healthcare emergencies.

4. Offices

Need a place to work? Some homeowners and companies have built great offices in shipping containers.

5. Indoor gardens

This might sound surprising, but shipping containers can be turned into indoor gardens and conservatories.

The amount of work necessary to will depend on the type of plants grown in the conservatory.

Some plants will need a lot of natural light. This means that glass windows and ceilings will need to be installed.

Some plants only need a small amount of natural light. This can be obtained by installing one or two windows.

6. Hotels

More and more hotels are embracing the shipping container format to offer environmentally friendly and affordable accommodation.

That’s right, shipping container hotels are usually eco-friendlier and more cost-effective to build. Their rooms end up being original, yet cozy.

Your entire hotel stay will make for an unforgettable experience.

Some of the most famous shipping container hotels include:

  • Farm Ville Café and Homestay in Sekinchan, Malaysia
  • Glamping Alterra in Pinamar, Argentina
  • Hougoumont Hotel Fremantle in Fremantle, Australia
  • Tiny Urban Escapes in Indianapolis, USA

7. Restaurants, coffee shops and food trucks

These innovations are very popular. You might already have seen a few in your city, town or neighborhood.

One of the most famous restaurant shipping containers in the USA is the Federalist Public House, also known as Federalist Pizza, in Sacramento, California.

8. Bars and clubs

With the right set-up and soundproofing system, almost any shipping container can be turned into a club or a bar.

Good examples of this include the Oasis Wynwood in Miami and the Pop Brixton in London.

9. Theaters and entertainment spaces

For those looking for unique and exciting new entertainment opportunities, watching a play or a film in a shipping container might be a good option.

Shipping containers are being used to create popup cinemas in small towns. Thanks to shipping containers, popup cinemas now have more flexibility and freedom.

It cuts down on the expensive cost of maintaining a cinema for businessowners which, in turn, makes for more affordable cinema tickets.

The same goes for small, independent theaters. Some micro theaters can actually be found in Miami and are accessible for only $6.

10. Saunas and swimming pools

Saunas and swimming pools have also been built from shipping containers. Some hotels are using them to make more cost-effective and eco-friendly swimming pools.

Individuals and homeowners are also embracing this idea. One company that does this is Modpools.

The company’s past creations can inspire individuals who are looking to make their own shipping container pool.

Final thoughts

These are our top 10 unique shipping container innovations. There are many more inspiring inventions with new ones emerging every year.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the latest shipping container creations. One thing is for sure, shipping container innovations and inventions are here to stay.

Many already consider them to be the future of architecture.


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