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Crystal Ball by AVP Arhitekti + Sangrad

Crystal Ball AVP Sangrad

Project: World Football Museum ‘Crystal Ball’
Designed by AVP Arhitekti + Sangrad
Design Team: Danijel Koleti? (idea), Vedran Pediši? (architect), Erick Velasco Farrera (architect)
Location: Doha, Qatar
Website: &
Impressive design for the World Football Museum imagined by Architects as a true ‘Crystal Ball’. This structure is actually energy sustainable and will become a fascinating landmark for the city of Doha. See more of his design after the jump:

Crystal Ball AVP SangradCrystal Ball AVP SangradCrystal Ball AVP SangradCrystal Ball AVP SangradCrystal Ball AVP SangradCrystal Ball AVP Sangrad

From the Architects:

Qatar possesses a clear development strategy of what it wants to be in the world. With cutting-edge education and a look towards a sustainable future, the strongest perception is in sport. In line with this was born the idea of the World Football Museum _“Crystal ball” ®. The main elements we want to achieve with this idea are:

  • ReaffirmQatar’s worldwide position through a landmark, a  World Football Museum. This would be the first of its kind and will enhance the football fever experience before, during and after the FIFA World Cup in 2022.
  • Become a symbol of future architectural design and a standard within the sustainability and energy renewable field by taking advantage of the natural resources and latest technology in structural design, façade materials and functionality of the whole development, all of these towards low energy consumption and aiming for a zero-carbon emission solution.
  • Become the most technologically advanced object in the world by implementing cutting-edge technology within its functionality, from VR technology to the latest 3D and smart AI development. Thus, the  World Football Museum_“Crystal Ball”® will give to all its visitants a unique experience thus making a step forward into a new way of enjoying a museum.

The MUSEUM’s shape, simple and complex at the same time, comes from the synthesis of Qatar’s history (pearl fishing) and its future (sport). These important elements are reflected through a sphere-shaped building “Museum” ho­vering over a semi buried structure, the ”Oasis City”, a conceptual interpretation of the Arabic city with a narrow streets structure and small squares with dense vegetation for weather protection, which will be a horizontal development that houses sport-oriented stores, restaurants, offices and leisure zones for the public throughout the year.

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