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Grane Museum Visitor Center by Huus Og Heim

Huus Og Heim

Project: Grane Museum Visitor Center
Designed by Huus Og Heim
Location: Grane, Nordland, Norway
Client: Hegeland Museum
Huus Og Heim's proposal for the Grane Museum Visitor Center brings a very unique solution, besides the 500 square meter museum the desire was to develop an accompanying site with cabins along the river Vefsna. 

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Huus Og Heim Huus Og Heim Huus Og Heim Huus Og Heim Huus Og Heim Huus Og Heim Huus Og Heim

The proposal is a simple circular building volume that opens to the south, where the facade is dazzled with stacked firewood. the area has great need for a unifying grip. Using the museum and the programs related to museum operations as an anchor for the various sub-areas the situation can be improved. The concept aims to establish programs along the country yard and extend the path so that it forms a natural loop. Parking, camping and the exhibition area is anchored to the central building.

The museum building is performed with high environmental ambitions, and the applications enclosed in a circular energy efficient climate shell. The direction of resolving building form underscores the museum's function as a unifying grip for the whole area. Built courtyard path incorporated into the building.

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