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OCT Design Museum by Studio Pei-Zuhu

OCT Design Museum Studio Pei-Zuhu

Project: OCT Design Museum
Designed by Studio Pei-Zuhu
Location: Shenzhen, China
Solution for OCT Design Museum in the fast growing Chinese city of Shenzen by a promising young practice Beijing practice Studio Pei-Zuhu. More images and architects description are after the jump:

OCT Design Museum Studio Pei-Zuhu

The OCT design museum, Shenzen, China is a project of the Studio Pei-Zuhu. The concept is that of a captured water droplet. During the daytime the triangular windows and skylights perforate the naturally inspired surface in a seemingly random pattern that evokes the scattered reflections of light from a surface of water. the building is currently under construction.

OCT Design Museum Studio Pei-ZuhuOCT Design Museum Studio Pei-ZuhuOCT Design Museum Studio Pei-Zuhu

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