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Home Offices: Is it all About Getting Your Setup Right?

A socially distanced lifestyle is starting to feel normal, which might mean the end of the traditional office. Home offices are now a reality, our editors prepare the best tips getting your setup of one:

Photos ©Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai courtesy of by GFD

It’s been a strange, challenging year. For millions of people across the UK, working from home is one of the largest and lasting effects of Covid-19. Data from the Office for National Statistics Shows that more than a quarter of us (28%) are working remotely right now – and that’s likely to have been the case since the government first asked us to do so back in March.

Even now, however, many people are still working from makeshift spaces that aren’t set up for the long-term. And there’s quite a lot to think about – things you might have taken for granted when arriving at the office each day. Lighting, posture and even distractions we aren’t exposed to in an office environment can all have an impact on our productivity and motivation.

So, does the answer come down to getting your home office setup right?

The distractions affecting our productivity

By thinking about the space in which you currently work each day, you could eliminate some of the distractions that stop you getting the job done. And New research by instantprint shows the full extent of the intrusions and interruptions that home-workers have to deal with.

Photos ©Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai courtesy of by GFD

It’s perhaps no real surprise that children (28%), partners (24%) and pets (20%) are among our biggest diversions. But the printing company, which specialises in products such as flyers, signs and banners, also found that other things can also interfere with the day job.

Chores (20%), for example, aren’t something that we’re used to doing during the working day in an office. Nor is cooking (13%). And it’s fair to say that catching an episode or two of that new Netflix series (16%) isn’t something we’d be doing under the watchful gaze of our colleagues.

How to get your home office setup spot on

A huge reason why distractions can be so difficult for us to deal with when working from home is that lack of dedicated home office space. According to instantprint, just 16% of have one. So, it makes it more likely that non-work activities are either more tempting or harder to ignore.

Photos ©Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai courtesy of by GFD

No matter where you choose to create a dedicated space from which to work, there are several things to bear in mind. The first is that your space is well-lit – not least if you spend most or all of the day using a screen.Natural light is perfect for achieving this, with one study finding how natural light can help to reduce eyestrain, headaches and drowsiness.

It’s important to make sure that you’re working at a proper height. Your productivity will suffer if you don’t have a desk or table that’s an appropriate height. And, with that, ensure that your chair and monitor are also the right height. Not doing so can cause back or eye complaints.

Photos ©Liu Gangqiang, Xu Shukai courtesy of by GFD

Most important, however, is finding space away from your home’s most nagging distractions. It isn’t always easy. But any area of the home that can you fit a desk and chair in has the chance to become a productive place. Living rooms, bedrooms and spare rooms can all fit the bill. After that, it’s the finer details that can drive distractions from the door and get the job done.

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