HVAC Tips: How To Heat & Cool A Tiny House

HVAC Tips: How To Heat & Cool A Tiny House

Have you joined the bandwagon of the tiny house movement as well? When millions across the globe have already done so, you may find yourself downsizing too. Your tiny house could also be your vacation home, or a summer house, somewhere close to the mountains or the beach. Whatever the situation is, you can still make your tiny house a home. Whenever you’re in it, you’ll want to feel comfortable, such that you have enough warmth in the cold days, and sufficient coolness in the warm days of summer.

If you’re a tiny house owner looking for the best ways to heat or cool your home, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading below for a comprehensive guide to heating & cooling your tiny home.

1. Consider The Location And Design Of Your Tiny House

Not all tiny homes are created equal. Some types are meant to be mobile, while others are intended to be stationary, so you’ll have to consider this when choosing an HVAC system.

Then, factor in the source of the energy that your house is running on. Some tiny homes run on the traditional electrical grid unit, while others run on solar power. So, depending on your source of energy, the HVAC system’s consumption will also have to be considered. Else, if the HVAC system you’re thinking of acquiring consumes too much energy, the solar power that you’re relying on might not be enough to handle it.

HVAC Tips: How To Heat & Cool A Tiny House

2. Study How And Where To Position Your HVAC System Duct

You also have to think about how and where to position the duct of your HVAC system. If you’re not an expert in this area, it’s best to ask for the help of an HVAC system provider. Does your tiny house have enough space to accommodate a duct system? Especially when your home is mobile, you may want to trade the traditional full-size ducts for smaller ones.

If you want to consider a small size duct system, you may need to add the proper furnace to it. While this is effective, the downside is that it’s going to eat up quite a bit of interior space. So, you’ll also need to work alongside your architect for the best possible design to maximize whatever little space you have.

3. Consider Purchasing A Mini Split System

If you have more budget to spend on your HVAC unit, a mini-split system is the way to go. With this in place, you may not even need to have ducts anymore. Plus, these are also the best space-savers. They require the least amount of possible floor space in your tiny home. More importantly, these mini-split systems come in a 2-in-1 kind of package, where you have both the heating and cooling options. This eliminates the need for you to buy both.

HVAC Tips: How To Heat & Cool A Tiny House

4. Opt For Portable Solutions

When all other options aren’t feasible for your tiny home, fret not as you can still opt for portable heating and cooling systems instead. When buying one, you’ll need to ask the salesperson as to which portable system is enough to power the space, or total square footage that you have in your tiny home. Generally, the heaters may be smaller than the cooling systems. Another advantage of these gadgets is that some can be attached on shelves on top of windows or on walls, so they don’t eat up floor space.

If you choose this option, however, it’s essential to always have your safety in mind. Make sure that all of these cooling and heating appliances are unplugged when not in use, or whenever you’re not in your tiny holiday home. You wouldn’t want them to overheat. If you have kids too, be sure that the wires aren’t in their way, as you would already be moving in a tiny space.

5. Go Traditional

If you’re a little bit on the conservative and traditional side, wood-burning stoves or traditional gas heaters are also a good option. The advantage of having one is that in case you lose power in your tiny home, you still have a means of heating. Especially when your tiny house is positioned in a location where you’ve got access to wood, it can save you more money by not having to spend on electric heating at all.


The solutions enumerated above work out to be the perfect fit for a tiny home! When you’re already pressed for space, you shouldn’t have to pressurize yourself even further by giving up so much space simply to put in an efficient HVAC system. More so, you don’t have to suffer by not having any heating or cooling at all, simply because you’re in a tiny home. Apply any of the given tips to be able to enjoy your home even more.

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