How to Redesign Your Home for Your Retirement

Redesign Your Home

We all age, but it is how we prepare for that aging process that sets us apart from one another. Those who do not prepare at all, and are reckless with their health and their decisions, might find that old age has completely stripped them of their ability to be independent. For those who do prepare, however, retirement can be the golden years they were always promised to be.

You likely already know about the lifestyle and health changes you should make, but what you might often not consider is how you should change your home. One of the main considerations you must make it making your home more accessible. This is important for your future and critical if you or your partner already has a disability. Thankfully, there are many different ways you can make your home an accessible, comfortable place to live out your years, you just need to change is to that it.

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Redesign Your Home

Makes Your Living Accessible

Accessibility should be your number one goal within your home. This could mean that you move your living quarters downstairs, including your bedroom, and that you clear out the upstairs for other uses. It could also mean that you have a chair lift installed so that you can continue living in your home stress-free. Other options include installing custom storage solutions so that all of your utensils and pantry items are within arms’ reach, reducing your risk of falling.Another area you should renovate to make more accessible is your bathroom.

Has a Bathroom Fit for Royalty

When it comes time to update your home for your benefit, you should pull out all of the stops. One of the areas you should do this in is in your bathroom. Tubs and frustrating bathing experiences should be tossed to the curb. Ultimately your safety should be paramount, as a trip or fall could have more serious consequences as you age, especially in the bathroom which has more sharp edges and corners to catch yourself on. Some bathroom spaces will not be suited or tailored for those with a disability or mobility problems, for example. Therefore, changes may need to be made to ensure your bathroom to be as accessible as possible, especially as muscle mass declines as we age. The accessibility-friendly bathroom updates you can make include options such as a walk-in tub or a walk-in shower. They are not just functional, but far more comfortable and incredibly stylish.

Opting for an all-accessible bathroom is one of the best investments you can make to your home because it doesn’t just benefit you, it will benefit whoever visits you. Not only will access be easier, but a better bathroom will also do wonders for any aches and pains you get from living your best life. It will essentially be your own, personal spa. Of course, there will always be the debate between tub or shower. You can have a good soak in a bath, but the accessibility options are greater with a shower. Before making a decision into which facility will be the most appropriate for the bathroom space you are working with, it may be worth doing your research and discussing with peers or family which option would work best for you. There are a variety of options available from Mobility Plus, for example, and to help you choose which one is right for you, click here.

Your home may not be ready for your retirement, because it is not adapted to your changing health requirements. Know your options and make decisions early on. A beautiful walk in shower is a stunning edition, for example, and one that will benefit you greatly as your mobility decreases. Old age doesn’t have to be restrictive; it just needs to be prepared for.

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