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Villas Mani by hhharchitects

Villas Mani by hhharchitects

Hhharchitects desiged this modern Mediterranean villa situated in Mani, Greece, in 2015. Take a look at the complete story below.

Villas Mani (1) Villas Mani (2) Villas Mani (3) Villas Mani (4) Villas Mani (5) Villas Mani (6) Villas Mani (7) Villas Mani (8) Villas Mani (9) Villas Mani (11)

The houses are located on an olive grove in Mani viewing the Messenian bay to the South and the mountain of Taygetos to the North. The complex consists out of six stone blocks placed in between the existing olive trees. The positioning of the stone volumes creates interesting spaces in between with neighborhood like characteristics such as the entrance courtyards and covered dining areas, paraphrasing elements of a Mani settlement. Spaces in between with views to the olive garden from one side and to the sea from the other side, brings the surrounding closer to the inside. The buildings are connected through light steel and transparent glass elements, highlighting the stone volumes and allowing the boundary between in and out to melt. The transparency of glass and the industrial character of the metal structures in dialogue with the massive stone blocks, creates tensions and interesting spaces. Traditional materials such as stone, wood and reeds are applied in a contemporary way, as for example the planking of the roof, the openings in the stone walls and the ceiling of the kitchen.

Photography by Nikos Daniilidis

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