How To Maintain Whole Home Water Filters

Investing in a whole house water filtration system, you will want to make sure it works well, and keeps working for a long while

Selecting a water filter depends on many different factors, among which we can count water quality, space, budget, and even maintenance requirements. One of the hardest parts about whole house water filters is the implementation which might need professional involvement. What remains after that is making sure a unit works at optimal efficiency by maintaining it regularly.

Whole house water filters come with different types of systems, each designed to treat certain issues regarding drinking water. The ability to layer multiple filtration mediums will add to both the complexity of the system and its maintenance requirements.

Basic Maintenance Needs

Investing in a whole house water filtration system, you will want to make sure it works well, and keeps working for a long while. How much maintenance is involved in owning a whole house filter depends on what the selected system encompasses in its overall functionalities.

Multiple filter layers will mean having to deal with each one in turn, and that will not happen all at the same time. However complicated it looks at first glance, maintaining a whole house water filter can actually be an easy task, provided a little preparation went into it beforehand.

How To Maintain Whole Home Water Filters

In-Depth Maintenance Needs

Having all the necessary maintenance tools and instructions is the first step in beginning the process. For one, knowing exactly what type of filtration methods are in a place will give a base indicator of whether cartridges need changing or what needs cleaning.

Getting Ready

  • Before starting to detach anything, shut off the water supply. Whole house water filters are connected to the water main pipe. This will also mean purging any water still trapped inside. To do this simply turn on a water faucet after you have turned off the main water supply. Once no more water flows out then the water has been purged and it’s safe to begin maintenance.
  • Locate the specific wrench that is used to both unscrew and secure the cartridges. Most water filters are equipped with filters set into housings in a row. They are tightly wound. One after another, use the wrench to loosen each filter housing.
  • Have all the necessary filters ready to replace the old ones. Similar sized cartridges can be used here, so don’t worry if you did not find a specific brand, just make sure they fit and are the correct type.
  • For a secure fit that will not leak, you may need to replace the O ring. Not all of them will need changing as they might not get damaged so easily. They also need to have some food-grade silicone lubricant around them for a tight fit as well as protection.
  • It may be wise to have a bucket handy just in case some spills occur, as water can be trapped in the housings.

Basic Water Filtration System Maintenance – Changing Cartridges

The easiest way to assure the effectiveness of a water filter is to replace the filter cartridges at the appropriate times. Overtime use renders the cartridges less effective as sediment accumulates. Water quality and the amount of water used will dictate how often these replacements need to happen. Some of these cartridges can last up to six months, so it’s important to know when the last replacement had been done.

Not dealing with this basic maintenance will lead the filter to not work effectively anymore, and sediment can make its way into drinking water. Setting up a regular schedule for when to begging this upkeep will help in reminding you when it’s time to undertake it. Multi-layered water systems that include activated carbon cartridges are the most often replaced in these scenarios. There are, however some maintenance options that see the replacement of the activated charcoal within. This is usually very popular when trying to avoid plastic waste from the cartridge itself.

Basic Maintenance Involving Cleaning The Filter

There are some particular whole house water filters that deal with sediments encompassed within multi-layered filters. The sediment filter itself will need maintenance at a later date than any of the other filters, and so separate dates for each has to be jotted down to remember when their upkeep is due. As it happens, some of these sediment filters can either be replaced or cleaned. Washing the sediment out will still make the filter effective for another period of use, and will also extend its use.

Additional Maintenance For Cold Weather

In many cases, whole house water filtration systems are used in remote areas where there is no access to tap water from the municipality. This comes with its own set of maintenance responsibilities, especially if it’s in a colder climate subject to freezing temperatures.

If the water system was installed somewhere remote, like a summer cabin, then leaving it untended over the cold season could freeze the water still inside it. Whole house water filters usually come in large units, so it may be hard to find them a place inside the home for installation. This is especially true when well water needs to be treated and the water system is installed outside in an adjacent shed. Ideally, the system would be installed inside the home, but when that is not possible precautions must be taken to avoid freezing.

The easiest way to deal with this would be to drain it before leaving. More complex ways to assure the system won’t freeze might require building a small adjacent room that can benefit from the home heating system. The pipe running from the well will need some insulation to bring the water to the filter.


There are many things to take into consideration before starting the maintenance process for a whole house water filter. Installation may be the hardest part when it comes to this type of water filter, but maintaining one is also a big deal. A whole house water filter is a big investment and wanting to benefit from it as much as possible is understandable. Doing the legwork to make sure it stays in top shape will ultimately lead to a great, efficient working water system, providing clean water.

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