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  • 8 Significant Details That Could Transform Your Living Room

    The saying goes that the devil is in the detail and this can especially be said to be true for your home interior. If you’ve been living in your home over a long period, then you may not have changed your interior for some time, if at all. If this is the case, you may […] More

  • How to Design a Rustic Living Room

    If you love the idea of having a cozy, relaxed and rustic look to your living room, then this can be a great design aesthetic to create and live with. More forgiving than other fashionable looks like minimalist or hi-tech, rustic or bohemian-style rooms can allow you to do a lot of the design work […] More

  • A Trendy Floor Is What Makes The Perfect Living Room

    Whenever a home makeover springs to mind the living room is first on our list, the contemporary design is always a good referral, it also goes hand in hand with the global trend for affordable home design. Today, home decor sparked interests of high street fashion, with game changers such as ZARA and H&M also joining […] More