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  • Interior Design Tips For Making Your Home Far Livelier

    As a homeowner, you will want to go to great lengths to ensure that your home is absolutely perfect. Of course, all homeowners are unique and their specific preferences will vary wildly. Depending on your unique personality, you may want to create an environment that is calm and relaxing. Or perhaps you’re interested in creating a […] More

  • Incorporating Art Into Your Home Design

    Introducing bright interiors into your living space is relatively easy to do and can have dramatic transformational effects on your quality of life. Take a look at any design portfolio or magazine and you’ll come up with some great hints and tips.  Choosing a colour scheme The hardest aspect of home design is probably deciding […] More

  • Are You Planning to Install Solar Panels on Your New Home?

    This past winter was relatively mild across the continental United States. There were a few days where certain areas of the country experienced cold, snowy weather. However, the majority of winter was among the warmest on record. The weather inspired many homeowners around the country to install solar panels, but this interest in solar panel […] More

  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas: How to Do It Right

    Outdoor lighting in the hands of an expert can do wonders for your landscape when the sun goes down. It could be the reason why cars passing by actually stop to take a look at your house in admiration. However, it needs to be done right to produce such an effect and here are a […] More

  • What Today’s Architect Needs to Know about Home Design that Sells

    Traditionally, home design was centered on aesthetics with a bit of functionality thrown into the mix as an extra selling point, but the trend has reversed itself in modern architecture. Today’s homeowner wants all the technology available to make life easier, but with a bit of beauty thrown in for that added appeal and comfort. […] More

  • Black Box House by TAKATINA LLC

    The Black Box House, designed for an international fashion buyer and his family of four, sits in a hilly suburban residential district with detached houses, about 15 miles west of Tokyo. The elevated 1,862 sqft/173 sqm corner lot is surrounded by light colored stucco houses with roadside windows covered by curtains which are a common […] More

  • Out of the Dark: The History of Lighting Video

    Indoor, outdoor and decorative lighting specialist, Festive Lights, has created an informative video showing the progress of lighting through time. Starting at the very beginning, with the sun and fire as necessities to light our way through the day time and dark nights, the video tracks the history of mankind’s journey Out of the Dark, […] More

  • Interior Design Trends To Look Out For This Year

    Last year saw classic country furniture and pendant lighting become some of the biggest interior trends, but as technology continues to advance and people’s taste changes what can we expect to be big in 2017? Here, home interior specialists Baytree Interiors talk us through some of the emerging trends that are set to be big […] More

  • Adventures in Landscaping – Creating the Perfect Concept

    It has been said by leading landscape architects that the one thing you should always do when planning your landscaping concept is to think of the exterior of your home in much the same way as you do the interior. In other words, your landscape will be made up of several ‘rooms,’ each serving a […] More

  • Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

    Every year we seem to read those same news headlines – ‘Energy prices are increasing again’ or words to that effect. If you are tired of paying more for your heating and electricity bills, then it is time to do something about it. Shopping around for better deals is one way of trying to negotiate […] More

  • Micro Hutong in Beijing by ZAO/standardarchitecture

    ZAO/standardarchitecture practice create an homage project honoring the Hutong, a housing area which has for hundreds of years shaped the northern cities of China such as Beijing. The small houses are placed in a type of narrow streets or alleys. In the capital Beijing, Hutongs are alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences. In […] More

  • Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

    Spring is a time to welcome and celebrate new life, to enjoy wildlife and nature, and to start enjoying being outside again after the cold, dark winter months. It’s also a time to spring clean, to make our homes feel fresh, and new. Many of us consider decorating, or investing in new home ware to […] More

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