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Twilight Apartment by Musa Studio

Musa Studio designed this stunning contemporary apartment located in Chisinau, Moldova, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

This space is a sophisticated and elegant residence for a family with a well defined sense of beauty. The dark shades give intimacy and coziness to the space, while the metallic accents embellish it with some glam reflections. The light in this interior has a huge decorative role, being softly reflected by the glossy surfaces of the walls and furniture. The brick wall is also lightened by the warm light, so that it looks textured and contrasting to the rest of the interior. The bedroom is about contrast of colors, shapes and materials: while the walls are plain painted, the furniture, the lighting and decorations are elegant and artistic.
The layout of this apartment provides a cozy day zone which includes the living room, and the kitchen with a small dining table and a bar. The entrance is slightly isolated from the living room by an elegant bronze divider, and by the flooring which clearly defines this two zones. The bedroom benefits of a feature that confers elegance to this apartment – a wonderful terrace almost as big as the bedroom is. Though the apartment doesn’t look laden there’s plenty of storage spaces – next to the entrance, in the bedroom, in the hallway next to the bathroom, in the kitchen, as well as behind the sofa in the living room. So, this apartment provides all the necessary that a family may need to feel comfortable and inspired.

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