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DawnTown Competition Entry by Dror

DawnTown Dror

Renowned architecture practice Dror Benshetrit won a competition for the design of Landmark Miami, DawnTown project with their design named Miami Lift. For a closer look of this winning proposal, continue after the jump.

DawnTown DrorDawnTown DrorDawnTown DrorDawnTown DrorDawnTown Dror

From the Architects:

Winner of the 2013 DawnTown ideas competition entitled Landmark Miami. The theme focused on how cities are instantly identified by the individual structures within them. Miami already has its share of existing local landmarks, but as the city changes, the competition organizers asked designers to come up with a new symbol for the future. Therefore, we were tasked with creating an iconic architectural piece that contributes to the image of Miami.

Miami’s extensive beaches, unique culture, and prime location for cruise travel create a cohesive identity, allowing the city itself to be an icon. MiamiLift pays tribute to this by elevating visitors giving them a new perspective of the city.

Project: DawnTown Competition – Miami Lift
Designed by Dror Benshetrit
Location: Miami, Florida, USA

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