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Is a fabric sofa right for you?


If you’re looking to buy a new designer settee have you considered looking at a fabric one? People often worry that fabric is outdated, and isn’t a modern sofa choice. This is wrong and far from the truth. With so many available options of fabrics there will be without-a-doubt a design that fits well with your room’s decor. 


If choice is an important factor for you when choosing a sofa opting for a fabric one will be ideal. They can come in any and every colour, as well as, a variety of textures.  Before going to the store to choose your stylish couch remember to take photos of the room you be positioning it in. With so many colour and pattern options it will be easy to lose your way, and purchase something that doesn’t match the room. 

Fabric settees work well for those who have unique tastes or, original decor designs in their house.  If you were to look at leather sofas you would be limited in terms of design, were as with fabric you do not have these limitations. 

That fit well into family homes as they provide durability and comfort, which is often a crucial factor when considering a couch that will be used by children.   Whether you decide to choose a traditional or modern sofa, fabric will provide you with a wealth of options. 


Tips for looking after a fabric sofa:

Plump the cushions regularly to maintain their shape. Do this as often as possible. 

To remove dirt and dust from fabric sofas make sure to purchase an upholstery brush. 

Your fabric design will fade quicker if positioned in direct sun light, avoid this where possible.

Rotate the left and right cushions to even out fabric wear. 

A fabric piece can be the practical, stylish solution you need.

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