LIFESTYLE: Shopping Tips for Impulsive Buyers

Shopping malls are still redefining the way we live and shop – you as well as many of us are a true generation of impulsive buyers thus our editors find a guide for all of us:

Are you a victim of walking into the store, going through everything an after long tiresome hours of walking through the shelf, you find that you have used more money and time than you should have? That you have spent way more money than was really necessary? Do you find that you spend more time in the mall than any normal person should? Then read on, here, you will find tips that may help you stop your behavior.


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Have a List

This may seem like something your mother used to do when she sent you to the shop as a young child, but it will be helpful to you. Ensure you have written down all that you need to buy when you go to the shop. During your shopping, check out the things you have bought and once you have everything go straight to the cashier, pay and leave. With a list, it will be easy to keep track of your movements in the shop. For instance, if you are looking for a silver heart necklace, you must avoid going to the section of gold or diamond pieces. This will minimize the risks of becoming a victim to shopping crisis.

Have a Budget

When listing your items, ensure that you have listed everything and an estimated price next to your item. This will ensure that when you go to the store you do not buy more than you need. You will know how much you will roughly use and you will have no surprises. Working with a budget also makes it possible to evaluate your accounts all the time. Also, it helps estimate the actual value of the products you intend to buy.

Pay In Cash

As a former compulsive buyer I will let you know that when you go to the store with only the amount you are going to use, leaving your credit cards at home, you will spend less. When we carry credit cards, we know we have enough money to buy everything we want not just, what we need. When shopping with your credit card, its easy to get in the twist of shopping and forget its money you are spending.

Don’t Spend More Time Than Is Necessary In the Mall

When you go shopping have a time frame and follow it. Estimate that buying everything in your list will take one hour, give or take 10 minutes. Ensure that if anything, the reason you stay even one minute longer is the line at the cashier’s desk. This will ensure you do not have time to look at everything on the shelves. Working with time helps you to stick to the plan and minimize on the possibilities of spending more than you would want.

Do Not Go Shopping When You Are Hungry, Tired, Over Fed, Frustrated or Worried

Emotions often have the better of even the best of us when it comes to shopping. The number one thing is to make sure you are not hungry; otherwise, you will walk into the store and carry everything that nearly comes close to being edible. The emotions will show you that you need something even when you really do not need it, or do not need so much of it. Going to the shops should be an exciting experience when your mind is sober.

Don’t Buy Just Because It Is On Sale

Many shoppers go to the supermarket and buy stuff they don’t need just because it says buy two at the price of one. Always remember that sales person is there to sell to you and convince you to buy. So before taking anything ask yourself, do I really need this items? Will I use it? Don’t just take the sales person’s word for it, assess yourself and really find out if it will be of benefit to you. Even if the product might seem to be usable, if you don’t need the product at the moment, you might be lucky to get a better deal in future when you need it most.

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