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  • Kai Table by Hirakoso Design

    Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara designed this unusual lounge table that’s filled with asymmetrical drawers and cupboards. From sliding drawers and hinged cupboards to a number of shifting panels, the entire piece is built like an elaborate wooden puzzle. Take a look at more images after the jump. More

  • Stellar Console Table by Jake Phipps

    Designed by Jake Phipps and part of the award winning Stellar Collection – the Stellar Console Table is inspired by the precious qualities of naturally forming amethyst geodes and machine cut diamonds. The large expansive surfaces on the table are in stark contrast to the turbulent seam of individually sized and angled mirrored sections that […] More

  • Wave City Dining Table by Mousarris

    Inspired by a popular movie this limited edition dining table designed by Moussaris is a well balanced mixture of wood, steel and 3D printed technology with hand painted coloring techniques. Take a look at more images after the jump. More

  • LeBloc by Cassat & Dehais

    The “LeBloc” secretary desk designed by Cassat & Dehais has a very simple appearance, which reveals its complexity gradually. The outside cubic form reveals the traditional complexity of a secretary desk at the opening: flap, secret drawer, hidden features, modular elements and plenty of convenient storage. LED lighting, power supply and optimized wiring conveniently host […] More

  • Rocket Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris

    Designer Stelios Mousarris designed this innvative and rather unusual coffee table inspired by childhood nostalgia. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. More

  • Melting Furniture by Rado Kirov

    Bulgarian Sculptor, Rado Kirov, who has had an extensive background in copper, silver and gold smithing, has recently shifted his focus to stainless steel and functional artworks. Having created some historically profound pieces such as the silver chalice presented to Pope John Paull II by Nelson Mandela, Kirov now graces us with a collection of […] More

  • Slap Furniture by Nicola Conti

    Slap Furniture by Nicola Conti, industrial designer from Pesaro, Italy, is a simple and straightforward concept that makes it unique and very versatile, as it can be used in every part of the house. The special edges to flip through allowing the wood to come out exposing the true essence of the product, stimulating curiosity […] More

  • Janne Kyttanen Brings Sculptural Furniture to Design Miami

    Digital sculptor Janne Kyttanen known for creating sculptural furniture pieces with 3D printing is showcasing his latest designs in collaboration with Gallery ALL (Los Angeles) and Galerie VIVID (Rotterdam) at Design Miami. Gallery ALL is to present METSIDIAN (image above) Janne’s latest design uniquely merging furniture with sculptural where as Kyttanen says “the prehistoric evolves into […] More

  • Home of Patrizia Moroso by Designer Patricia Urquiola

    You might already know creative director Patrizia Moroso from her famed company Moroso – a design hub and furniture retailer.  Patrizia today sells the furniture of some of the most creative contemporary furniture designers one of them is Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola who helped Patrizia shape the interior of her lovely home. The end result was […] More

  • CROSS STREET Apartment in Sydney by C+M Studio

    CROSS STREET Apartment in Sydney comes as a project by the talented creatives at C+M Studio created in collaboration with local designers, artists, and retailers. The C+M Studio has taken this empty apartment up for sale and filled it up with beautifully designed furniture pieces. While the whole apartment was for sale, so was the arranged […] More

  • FENDI Casa Contemporary Collection

    House of Fendi is one of the oldest known Italian fashion houses, in addition to its very successful womenswear line (designed by fashion designer Karl Lagerfed) it is also known for its coveted furniture series. Luxury is the main ingredient of a Fendi design, the same applies for clothes as well as furniture pieces. The latest Fendi […] More

  • Vases and Tables for Citco Marbles by ZAHA HADID

    The world renowned practice Zaha Hadid Architects is already known for its ventures into furniture and product design. The latest is their showstopping collaboration with Citco Marbles, on a series of designer vases as well as tables. Celebrating the Zaha Hadid sentiment the design teams delivered Tau Vases series as well as the Quad Tables series. More

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