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Showcasing Beautiful Glass In The Home

Natural light has the power to make you feel better, and the elements that let it into your home, such as windows and glass walls, can enhance your happiness and feelings of well being. In the same way, glass objects and items that reflect light or filter it can be mood altering, creating brightly lit or softly shadowed environments that are conducive to active or passive enterprises, depending on your preferences. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of glass in your home, particularly by showcasing it to the best effect.


There are several types of window glass that you may come across in different circumstances. Flat glass is available in forms that include annealed, toughened, laminated, coated and patterned, not to mention mirrored glass and the extra-clear variety. That’s quite a lot of choice when it comes to glazing, and the options you might select will depend on the way in which you want to use each type; for example, mirrored glass will give you increased privacy, while patterned and coloured glass have very pleasing aesthetic effects. Image above Ensemble Architecture DPC

Interior glass

Larger surfaces, such as interior walls, dining or coffee tables and counter tops, can use glass very effectively, and slightly opaque partitions made from glass bricks can be especially appealing as they filter light and soften any glare. Even smaller items have their place – a beautifully coloured glass vase filled with flowers, for instance, can draw all eyes to it and become the focal point of a room. In the same way, a stained glass panel in a door or window can flood a room with coloured light that positively affects its ambience and enhances the setting. Image above Nico van der Meulen Architects



You may think that glass chandeliers are a little oldfashioned, but if so, think again. Both clear glass and crystal chandeliers are back in a big way and are now available in a range of outstanding contemporary as well as traditional designs, suitable for every budget. Whether you prefer the clean lines of modern chandeliers, the geometric shapes of Art Deco, or the ornate features of the very sophisticated “Victorian”varieties, you are bound to find something to please the eye. Image above Dyer Smith Frey Architects


Drinking glasses

Every dining room can benefit when drinking glasses are showcased – often, of course, in glass-fronted cabinets. This is because it really can make a difference whether you are drinking champagne from a paper cup or a beautifully crafted champagne flute, and also because the style and design of drinking glasses can increase your anticipation of that special sip of wine or the brandy snifter yet to come. Although it has been said that cut glass is no longer fashionable, in recent years there has, in fact, been a noticeable return to using vintage designs when it comes to selecting glasses for cocktails, wines, champagnes, shots and digestifs.

So many aspects of our lives can be improved through the sensitive use of glass – an essential and elegant material that magnifies light – so take another look at your glassware and make sure to let it light up your life a little.

SUTD Campus by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio

House of Hungarian Music by MenoMenoPiu Architects