#HOME: Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning And Maintaining Your Windows

Cleaning your windows must be one of the most dreaded tasks in any households, yet we have a few tips making it easier for you:

For most homeowners, windows are simply a functional panel used to keep your home safe, light and airy. However, they can actually have a significant impact on the appearance and feel of your property, as well as potentially raising the value of your home.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect sets of windows for your home, you need to keep them looking great by cleaning and maintaining them. If you do this right, then your windows can last as long as 20 years. For homeowners who want to keep their windows pristine and give their home a bright aesthetic, here are some top tips on cleaning and maintaining your windows. For reliable cleaning services in Sydney, we recommend you to check out Calibre Cleaning.

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Clean Your Windows At Least Once A Week

Dirty windows never look attractive, so it’s crucial that you clean your home’s windows at least once a week. Use a streak-free cleaning solution and a soft cloth to buff your windows to a lustrous shine, which will ensure that your property always looks clean and presentable. It will also guarantee that your windows don’t get damaged during the cleaning process. For stubborn dirt, such as bird muck or thick mud, use hot water and a car ice scraper to remove the bulk of the grime before you clean your windows. Remember to clean the inside of your windows in the same way, so that both sides of your windows look beautiful and welcoming.

Use Window Tape To Improve The Function Of Your Windows

Windows are more than just decorative; they’re also designed to keep out drafts. Many modern solutions offer strong airtight sealants, but if your windows are older and don’t use this technology, then you can easily replicate it with window tape. This solution is ideal for those who aren’t skilled builders and want a quick fix to make their home more energy-efficient. Check out illbruck’s tape, which comes with a 15-year guarantee, so you can rest assured that it will keep your home cosy and snug well into the future.

Never Forget To Clean The Sills And Frames

It’s easy to focus all of your attention on the large, noticeable window panels, but the sills, frames and tracks also need cleaning. Keep your window sills clean using a similar technique to the way you deal with the glass of your windows, but with more of an emphasis on keeping your sills and tracks dry. Use less water, only a damp cloth. If you have furnishings or fabric on your window sill, then remove this and wash it in the washing machine alongside your curtains or drapes.

Repaint The Frames Every Few Years

The paint on the wooden or metal frames of your windows can easily get worn and damaged. Even the paint on the inside of the frames can be damaged easily by pets, dirt and general wear and tear. Check the paint regularly, and once it starts to peel or look worn, sand it off and reapply it. Being proactive will ensure that your spotless windows always sit in frames that befit them.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your windows looking great and ensure your home feels cosy and inviting all year round.

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