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A Helpful Guide to Replacing Old Windows

Replacing old windows is hardly an easy task, not only is it costly it also takes careful planning. We talk to Architect contributors and get the best tips for you:

A helpful guide to replacing old windows

So you’re thinking of replacing your old windows? There could be a number of reasons why you’ve arrived here. Your old windows could have issues such as fogging up, leaking sound and heat, or perhaps even have broken panes of glass. Maybe they are stuck shut, making them a safety hazard, or won’t lock, putting your home’s security at risk. Or it’s possible you are looking to replace your old windows to update the look of your home. After all, if eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows must convey so much to everyone on the outside.

No matter your reasons for wanting to replace your old windows, there are some considerations for you to bear in mind. After all, installing new windows is an investment to the value of your home, and the safety, well-being and security of everyone inside. But with the right considerations taken, replacing your old windows for new windows should be one of the most cost-effective investments you make.

Signs your old windows need replacing

We’ve mentioned some already, but here are some signs your old windows might need replacing.

  1. High energy bills

Even windows installed fifteen years ago are not efficient by today’s standards. Installing new windows can save 20% heat loss, keeping you warm in winter, whilst also keeping your home cool in summer, reducing the need for electric fans or air cooling systems.

  1. Leaking sound

It’s not just heat loss that is concerning with old windows. Without newer, more efficient designs, sound can leak either into or out of your property. This is a privacy concern as much as it is a nuisance.

  1. Fogged up windows

If your windows are starting to fog up on the inside ruining the look of your home and view to outside, this is a sign that the edge seal of your windows has eroded. Unfortunately, even newer windows when installed incorrectly can fall prey to this, and not much can be done to repair it. You should consider replacing the windows, and use a trusted supplier to ensure your windows stay clear.

  1. Not opening

Not being able to partially or fully open your windows isn’t just a nuisance, it’s also a safety risk. By law, at least one window on every floor must be able to open wide enough to escape from a fire. Not opening windows can also cause ventilation problems, such as damp in your home.

  1. Not locking

Windows are there to let the light into your home. But that’s the only thing you want to invite. Windows with faulty or failed locks are a dream for burglars. Make sure you keep your home safe with new windows that have secure, modern locks.

  1. Rattling or draughty

Rattling or draughty windows are a sure sign that the old windows need replacing. This is a sign they are leaking heat, making your home noticeably cold and harder to heat. Rattling windows can also wake everyone in the house at night. Avoid midnight scares and consider replacing those old windows!

  1. Rotting frames

Frames keep the panes or your window securely in place. A rotten frame means your old windows are unsecure, and also leaking sound and heat. Not to mention the fact that they are an eyesore for your neighbours!

  1. Broken panes of glass

Woops! Someone’s broke a pane of glass in your windows. But have they actually done a favour for you? This is the perfect excuse to replace your old windows and get a better looking, safer, more secure and energy efficient home.

Considerations for replacing your old windows

You’ve decided to replace your old windows. But what’s next? Here are some considerations for you to take whilst planning to install new windows.

A helpful guide to replacing old windows

  1. What kind?
    Now that you’ve decided to replace your old windows, here comes the fun part – choosing what kind! There are many types to choose from, such as casement windows, aluminium windows, sash windows, bay windows and more.

Not all of these may be suitable for your home. You should look at the windows of your neighbours who have similar houses, consider the age of your property, and also the overall effect you want to create. Are you looking to keep the status quo, or give your property a face lift? Aside from type, there’s also the colour to choose from, and whether you would like a wood grain effect. Your new window supplier should be able to talk all of this over with you in a consultation and help you arrive at a decision.

  1. Planning permission?
    It’s unlikely you will need planning permission for your new windows, unless your building is listed. However, there is a requirement for building regulations consent as
    all new windows require a lintel for support which not all properties have. Don’t worry, your new window supplier will be aware of this, just make sure you pick a highly-rated company.
  2. Energy efficiency

Make sure you ask about the energy efficiency of the new windows you’re considering. They should be more energy efficient than your old windows of course, but not all new windows are created equally. Again, your new window supplier will be able to talk you through your options. It could be that spending a little more will also save you more in the long run on your energy bills.

  1. Guarantee

Make sure your new windows come with a guarantee! Not only does this protect you from faulty fitting or problems with the windows themselves, it’s also a sign that the company is reputable and confident in their product and service offering.

Benefits of new windows

Once you have replaced your old windows with new ones it’s time to sit back and enjoy the benefits. Your home will be safer, more secure, more energy efficient. Best of all, it will be the envy of your neighbours, looking the best on the street. You will also have improved the value of your home considerably, making replacing your old windows the wisest investment of all.

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