Typology x Natural Material Studio Launch Eco Installation

Typology and Natural Material Studio Collaborate on Eco-Friendly Installation at Printemps

Courtesy of Francois Coquerel-Typology x Natural Material Studio Launch Eco Installation

Typology, the innovative skincare brand founded by Ning Li, celebrates its fifth anniversary with a significant milestone: establishing its first permanent retail presence in the iconic Parisian department store, Printemps. Situated prominently at the main entrance of the Printemps Haussmann for Women section, Typology’s new installation, crafted by Natural Material Studio, will be open for three months starting April 2nd. This move marks a crucial shift for Typology from an exclusively digital brand to a physical retail presence, aiming to blend online strength with select physical partnerships.

Courtesy of Francois Coquerel

The installation, designed by Snøhetta and executed by Natural Material Studio, draws inspiration from Japanese theater, projecting the silhouettes of Typology’s skincare products onto studio-crafted bio textiles. This design not only enhances the visual appeal of the products but also introduces customers to a unique retail atmosphere that mirrors the brand’s ethos of simplicity and effectiveness. The bespoke furniture pieces, made from Natural Material Studio’s own bio-based materials, add to the installation’s appeal.

Courtesy of Francois Coquerel
Courtesy of Francois Coquerel

The use of Procel, a material technique developed by Natural Material Studio, incorporates natural polymers from sources like proteins, natural softener, reishi mushroom, and chalk. These materials are not only rich in texture and appealing to the eye but are also biodegradable, compostable, and re-meltable, reflecting the brand’s commitment to circularity and sustainability. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, capturing the essence of nature and the studio’s innovative approach to design.

Courtesy of Francois Coquerel
Courtesy of Francois Coquerel

The retail space is defined by four columns connected by wide ribbons across the ceiling, with a central sculptural piece that serves as both a highlight and a functional counter for staff. Integrated lighting on aluminum shelves creates a dramatic play of shadows across the bio textiles, enhancing the tactile experience of the space. This atmospheric design aims to provide a tranquil, immersive experience for visitors, highlighting the intersection of advanced skincare and innovative material use.

Natural Material Studio’s ongoing collaboration with Snøhetta has fostered a creative synergy that perfectly complements Typology’s vision. Their joint effort on this project showcases a harmonious blend of material and concept, where the focus on natural, understated details supports Typology’s philosophy of natural skincare. This partnership highlights both studios’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in retail spaces.

Courtesy of Francois Coquerel

Founded in 2019, Typology is a Paris-based skincare brand that emphasizes minimalism and efficacy. Its products, developed and manufactured entirely in France, focus on potent natural actives and boast high concentrations of naturally derived ingredients. With certifications from PETA and B-Corp, Typology stands out not just for its product quality but also for its ethical and sustainable practices. As it moves into the physical retail space, Typology continues to blend innovation with tradition, promising a new standard in skincare retail.

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