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Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H Architects


Metropol Parasol by J. MAYER H Architects finished in 2011 stands as one of the largest and most innovative timber constructions to date. The impressive construction is located in the city of Seville (Spain). Located on a plaza this massive construction provides a city centre retreat with its shade as well as the space for archaeological museum, a farmers market as well as an elevated panoramic terrace extending the already existing plaza.


“Metropol Parasol”, the Redevelopment of the Plaza de la Encarnacíon in Seville, designed by J. MAYER H. architects, becomes the new icon for Seville, – a place of identification and to articulate Seville’s role as one of the world’s most fascinating cultural destinations. “Metropol Parasol” explores the potential of the Plaza de la Encarnacion to become the new contemporary urban centre. Its role as a unique urban space within the dense fabric of the medieval inner city of Seville allows for a great variety of activities such as memory, leisure and commerce. A highly developed infrastructure helps to activate the square, making it an attractive destination for tourists and locals alike. The “Metropol Parasol” scheme with its impressive timber structures offers an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panorama terrace on the very top of the parasols. Realized as one of the largest and most innovative bonded timber-constructions with a polyurethane coating, the parasols grow out of the archaeological excavation site into a contemporary landmark, defining a unique relationship between the historical and the contemporary city. “Metropol Parasols” mix-used character initiates a dynamic development for culture and commerce in the heart of Seville and beyond. – from J. MAYER H Architects

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Project Architect: Jürgen Mayer H., Andre Santer, Marta Ramírez Iglesias

J. MAYER H. Project Team: Ana Alonso de la Varga, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand, Marcus Blum, Paul Angelier, Hans Schneider, Thorsten Blatter, Wilko Hoffmann, Claudia Marcinowski, Sebastian Finckh, Alessandra Raponi, Olivier Jacques, Nai Huei Wang, Dirk Blomeyer (Management Consultant 1st Phase)

International Competition 2004, 1st Prize, Project: 2004-2011, Opening: March 2011, Completion: April 2011
Client: Ayuntamiento de Sevilla und SACYR
With: ARUP GmbH NL Berlin/Madrid
Technical Support for Plants – Competition 2nd Phase only: Coqui-Malachowska-Coqui with Thomas Waldau

Technical Consultant and Multidisciplinary Engineers for Realization: Arup
Timber Construction Company: Finnforest
Potos: Fernando Alda, David Franck, Sama J. Canzian
Permanent Collection of Museum of Modern Art, NY and Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Permanent Collection of DAM, Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt, Germany, Holcim Award, 2005, Winner Europe Bronze for Sustainable Construction, Reddot Award 2012 – Best of the Best
Mies van der Rohe Award 2013, Finalist

Estimated Budget: $100 Million
Year: 2011

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