New Atlantis by Adam Dayem

Atlantis Adam Dayem

This vertical city designed by Adam Dayem named New Atlantis is a perfect solution for the I-Kiribati people who refuse to become a refugees of climate change. They will stars a new life or new city in the open ocean of South Pacific.

Atlantis Adam Dayem

About the Project:

Physically cut-off and isolated, this vertical city is highly networked as any metropolitan high-rise and as such it is a significant base of information and operations.

Largely self-sustaining, elaborate vertical structure of New Atlantis is comfortable substitute for their lost homes, but ex-I-Kiribati consider themselves exiles and mourn for their lost culture. Structurally challenging, the development is conceived in twist of two sets of vertical elements, intertwining with each other. First set – primary vertical building structure contains the circulation cores and is constructed from lightweight fiber reinforced concrete. The other set hold the floor-plates, containing residential spaces and is wrapped in translucent lexan.

The self-sustaining structure doesn’t incorporate traditional climate control system that would require high energy consumption, over building’s generation capacity. As it is not necessary to warm the South Pacific climate, interior spaces are mostly only partially enclosed while the wind and rain infiltration is encouraged.

Atlantis Adam DayemAtlantis Adam DayemAtlantis Adam Dayem


Project: New Atlantis
Designed by Adam Dayem
Location: I-Kiribati

Sejong Art Center by DMP Partners

Cable Light by Patrick Hartog Design