ARCHISCENE Home: How to Get Rid of an Ant Problem

You have an ant problem in your home? Do not panic! After a recently running into an ant-situation our Editor writes a how to guideline, as in how to get rid of ants:

It doesn’t take a large or intimidating animal to become something you fear or that causes anxiety (unless it is the ant from the photo above!). Sometimes, the smallest household pests can be unsettling and upsetting. Ants are a good example. Although tiny, these creatures can infest your kitchen and other parts of your home. A proactive approach can get rid of ants and keep them out for good.

You don’t need to try any complicated methods to chase away ants or kill them. Vigilance is important if you want to fend off these insects. You can rest assured that by implementing these tactics, you can live without the unwanted company of ants invading your home. Don’t feel overwhelmed or helpless when you see them in your home. Act decisively to rid your home of them today and in the future.

Call a Professional

Pest control companies have the skill and experience to address all kinds of pest problems. Ants are no exceptions. An exterminator will discuss your needs with you and get right to work. A technician will begin by finding out how the ants are getting inside and what is attracting them indoors. The professional may suggest ways to keep them out.

Mostly, an exterminator will kill off the ants that have gotten inside. The professional may use insecticides inside and outdoors to eliminate entire colonies. The exterminator will look in areas where ants commonly live in your house, such as under sinks, in cupboards and pantries, and behind furniture and appliances.

Calling an exterminator might not be your first response to an ant problem. But if you discover a large infestation, or if the ant invasion is overwhelming, it may be time to enlist the services of a professional. To find the right pest control company, you can read online reviews or get referrals from people you know have had similar pest problems.

Sprays From Stores

Home improvement stores carry wide varieties of ant killers. These products come in sprays or foams, which are designed to kill ants immediately. You can use the product inside your house or outdoors in your yard. It’s effective to spray the poison directly on anthills, which can kill the entire colony.

When you use store-bought products, follow the directions on the back of the bottle. Keep it away from children and pets. You can spray the product on ants that you see directly or apply it to areas where you know ants like to spend their time in your house.

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Clean Your Home

Nothing attracts ants to your house more than a dirty, untidy house. Diligent, regular cleaning should effectively bar these pests from your place. Ants want nothing more than to come inside and find food waiting for them. Leaving crumbs on the floor or on tables, chairs, or countertops are perfect meals for these creatures.

Sweeping and mopping your floors will go a long way toward solving your ant problem. This eliminates their food source and sends them looking elsewhere for something to eat. Vacuum your carpets regularly as well to discourage them from coming inside. Also, make sure you wipe off other surfaces where remnants of food might be.

It’s important to go to bed at night with a clean house. Ants love to come out at night when you’re asleep and grab a meal. You should also clean your dishes and not leave food out overnight.

Don’t Offer Them Anything to Drink

After a meal, ants are going to want a drink, too. Easily accessible water supplies will bring ants inside your home quickly. Make sure you put away your pet’s water for the night. Turn off faucets tightly and dry your sinks. If you have leaky pipes in the house, fix them right away.

Water supplies outside can also attract ants. Leaky hoses or hose bibs can be prime spots for ants to find something to drink. Repair these issues promptly to discourage ants from eventually coming inside. Don’t let water pool up by the foundation of your home, either.

Trap Them

Ants are resourceful and don’t give up easily. If your prevention efforts aren’t enough to get rid of them, try some traps. These can be poison bait traps, which kill them and their colonies, or sticky pads that keep them from advancing. Often ants in your home are out of your control, and sometimes your home for them is just a natural surrounding even if you are confused why are they in your home.

Bar Their Way In

Ants need little space to get inside, but you can make it more challenging. Repair screen doors if they rip or tear. Seal openings around doors and windows with caulk. You can also cover vents with mesh. If you notice cracks or holes anywhere else in your home, take care of this issue right away.

Ants can be surprisingly difficult to turn away. It’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed when there is an infestation. You can take comfort to know that these tactics can be effective in helping you live in an ant-free environment again.

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