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6 Exterior Makeover Ideas to Completely Change Your Home’s Look

Image courtesy of ©Joao Morgado house by Studio Toggle

Home design and style comes and goes. What’s hot and trendy at one moment can quickly become outdated. This includes both simple design elements and larger architectural features. But before you invest in an exterior makeover, be sure you have a plan.

The Importance of the Exterior

First impressions are everything. When a buyer is in the market for a house, much of their first impression will be built on the curb appeal of the home. And it’s for this very reason that your home’s exterior matters most.

While most homeowners spend the bulk of their energy and focus on upgrading and renovating interior features, the exterior can provide just as much ROI – if not more. It also has the added effect of elevating the perception of the neighborhood as a whole, which is good for property values and leads to a strengthening of the area over time.

Finally, your home’s exterior serves the practical purpose of protecting your home. Features like roofing, windows, siding, and doors prevent weather, bugs, and even criminal activity from compromising your home’s safety and integrity.

Image courtesy of ©Joao Morgado house by Studio Toggle

6 Exterior Changes and Improvements to Consider

While it’s fairly easy to paint interior walls, reface cabinets, or swap out kitchen appliances, making changes to your home’s exterior isn’t always as easy. Having said that, feel free to think outside the box. Here are some improvements that are guaranteed to make a big visual splash:

1. Paint Brick

There’s nothing wrong with classic red brick, but if you’re looking for a fresh change, paint can do wonders. As professional painter Mark Sharp explains, “Painting brick is a great way to upgrade curb appeal and increase your home’s value. Using a dark color like slate grey or even a classic white can create a major visual impact when painted correctly.

Just remember that painted brick is permanent. While you can typically repaint it another color in the future, you’ll never go back to the original raw brick.

Image courtesy of ©Joao Morgado house by Studio Toggle

2. Switch Siding Types

While there’s nothing wrong with vinyl siding, it’s not the most impressive (visually speaking). If you’re looking to upgrade to something more stylish and sturdy.

Not only does iding come in dozens of different colours, but it’s also resistant to fading, insects, and weather. This ensures it continues to look good for years to come – even without regular cleaning and maintenance.

3. Paint Windows

Who says windows have to be white? Painting window frames is an excellent way to make your home’s exterior more visually interesting.

Currently, black painted windows are really popular on white brick homes. They really pop by mimicking the look of steel windows at a fraction of the cost.

4. Change Roof Color

If you’re preparing to replace the architectural shingles on your roof anyway, why not swap out the color to something fresh and exciting? A move from traditional black to a grey could reinvigorate your curb appeal.

Image courtesy of ©Joao Morgado house by Studio Toggle

5. Incorporate More Dimension

Does your home have a flat appearance? Do you feel like the architecture is visually boring? You can always make your house more interesting by incorporating some dimension.

There are minor and major ways to add dimension. Minor improvements include adding shutters or installing window boxes. Major improvements could look like installing dormers, building a porch, or even changing the pitch of your roof.

6. Hardscape Your Property

Typical landscaping is hard to keep up. You have to constantly cut grass, pull weeds, and trim bushes just to make it look acceptable. If you want it to flourish, you have to dedicate even more time and money. So why not try something that looks great and requires less work? We’re talking about hardscaping, of course.

Image courtesy of ©Joao Morgado house by Studio Toggle

Varying hardscape colors and textures in the front outdoor living space lends maximum visual appeal,Providence Journal explains. “Hardscapes also can make routine maintenance easier, such as creating a tree ring from retaining wall units and surrounding it with pavers to reduce the need for trimming after mowing.

Give Your Home a New and Improved Look

Never underestimate the power of a simple exterior face lift. Whether it’s painting brick, upgrading siding, or hardscaping parts of your property, a few design changes can make a huge difference. Which improvements will you choose to make?

All images from the Studio Toggle house photographed by Joao Morgado – discover the full project.

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