Why Faux Stone Panels Will Boost Your Curb Appeal

Though the list of curb-appeal-enhancing possibilities is a mile long, one item arguably stands out from the rest: faux stone panels

Photography by © Gonzalo Viramonte

When you’re looking for ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, you can go in any of a number of directions. You might focus on your home’s exteriors, the yard, or general aesthetics such as color and texture.

Though the list of curb-appeal-enhancing possibilities is a mile long, one item arguably stands out from the rest: faux stone panels.

What are faux stone panels?

Faux stone panels are an artificial version of real stone that can be applied to your home’s exterior as siding, columns, pillars, and entryways. Faux stone panels look real, but are actually lightweight and much cheaper than actual stone.

These panels also come in a variety of patterns and colors that look completely natural. Faux stone can boost your curb appeal as much as real stone would.

It’s difficult to tell the difference because the faux panels are cast using molds made from actual rock surfaces.

 Why Faux Stone Panels Will Boost Your Curb Appeal
Photography by © Gonzalo Viramonte

Why do people like the look of stone?

Stone siding projects a magical, almost other-worldly impression that might seem to belong in a movie or on a greeting card. Stone houses have been around for centuries, and although domiciles inevitably appear contemporary, the look and feel of stone carries an inherent sense of nostalgia.

In previous periods, stone was the preferred home-building material because it’s durable, water-resistant, and won’t decompose when exposed to the elements. It’s one of the most attractive materials for a home’s exterior.

Why curb appeal matters

If you’re wondering why curb appeal matters, remind yourself that perception is everything. Each time someone drives by your home, he or she forms an opinion about it, even if it’s only subconscious.

You may not care what other people think, but the perception of your residence can influence both your neighborhood image and the value of your property.

Consider the neighborhoods you’ve driven through that look dumpy, junky, and overgrown with weeds. Sometimes, those neighborhoods started out with just a single run-down house, but over time, neighbors became similarly nonchalant about upkeep. This can be especially true when the residents are renters and not homeowners.

Nobody enjoys driving through neighborhoods with weeds, tall grass, trash in the yard, and cars resting on blocks on the front lawn. Even relatively small items can have a negative impact on how your home is perceived.

If your neighborhood acquires a reputation for being ugly or unmaintained, that can affect your ability to sell or rent your home. It may even reduce the actual value of your property.

Every minor thing you can do to make your property look better may increase the general image of your home and neighborhood.

Use faux stone panels to boost your home’s curb appeal

No matter what your home looks like now, you can apply faux stone panels to increase its curb appeal. Even if you pursue other, more substantial projects, like landscaping or redoing your driveway, adding a stone veneer to the facade will make a big difference.

Adding faux stone to your home will ensure the following benefits:

  • A natural stone look
  • A cheaper alternative to real stone
  • Easier to meet building code requirements
  • No environmental damage from mining stone
  • No cracks from a bad installation, which means you won’t collect mold on the inside that can ruin your building
  • Faux stone is lightweight so installation can be done by any contractor
  • People will feel good driving by your home
  • You might inspire neighbors to upgrade their home’s exterior
  • If you sell, the perceived value will be higher
  • A stone look might be a deal breaker for certain home buyers
  • You’ll feel good coming home to stone veneer

These are just some of the benefits you can reap from installing stone veneer on your home’s exterior. Ultimately, aesthetics matter, and the more attractive you can make your home, the better.

 Why Faux Stone Panels Will Boost Your Curb Appeal
Photography by © Gonzalo Viramonte

Additional elements that go great with stone siding

If you wish to boost your curb appeal, you might as well tackle some other projects that tend to go well with stone siding. Some possibilities include:

  • Add an archway to your door or pillar to your porch
  • Clean up your landscaping by hiring a professional
  • Repave the driveway
  • Fix or replace the gutters
  • Paint your fence or install a better-looking one

Anything you do to improve your home’s aesthetics can do wonders toward boosting your curb appeal.

Nothing beats stone veneer for the price

Of all the possible siding materials you could choose, faux stone is one of the best. It looks great, it’s lightweight and cheap, and it’s easy to install. If you’re in the mood to redo your siding, treat stone veneer as your first option.

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