Little Big House by Room11 Architects

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Little Big House by Room11 Architects

Room11 Architects designed this stunning private residence located in Wellington Park, Australia, in 2010. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The Little Big House is located upon the eastern slopes of Mount Wellington, high above Hobart. At 450 meters above sea level, set within a forested landscape, this house encounters snow in the winter months.The siting of the residence is mindful of its context; positioned close to and perpendicular to the curvilinear road. The house, on a vacant lot between established houses and gardens, is defensive and diagrammatic. Tucked carefully between cadastral constraints and a magnificent birch tree, the footprint has been kept deliberately small. The dwelling is stacked across two levels which step to accommodate the undulating terrain. It’s just a box. A clean volume with two exceptions; a service core and an entry air-lock.


Walls, floors and ceilings in the main space are treated uniformly, in white, to create a simple light interior. The entry, kitchen and bathroom spaces are designed to be deliberately, theatrically small and are finished in black, in contrast to the larger white volume. The house is designed to be intensely private. Given the cool climate, the house has two essential strategies – to hold the heat and find the light. Apertures are purposefully positioned to create pure window types opening to either garden, sky or shadow. The Little Big House is clad in vertical unfinished timber continuing traditions of local vernacular building in Southern Tasmania. The front door entry is set back and this timber remains golden in contrast to the remaining façade which has silvered with time. Each piece of timber is finished with a handmade z flashing to ensure the longevity of the façade.

Photography by Megan Baynes

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