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Qorveh House by ReNa Design

ReNa Design

ReNa Design have designed this stunning 540m2 duplex residential unit located in Qorveh, Iran, 90 km from the centre of Kurdistan province, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.


Qorveh House by ReNa Design

From the architects: Qorveh house is located in 90 km from the centre of Kurdistan province in Iran. According to client’s demand, this house is designed in two separate units, a duplex residential unit and a multi-purpose independent living and working suite.

Accordingly, with regional studies and analyzes on the typology and morphology of adjacent neighbourhoods in a new urban area, which led to the production of two-dimensional graphics with no architectural value the efforts have been devoted to exhibiting this project as a sculptural mass made of a permanent and authentic material.


The rhythmic use of brick as a genuine and old material is a delightful melody, which combines with today’s aesthetics and forms a masterpiece with advanced technical details.

Photography by Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei

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