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RD House by Belluzzo Martinhão Arquitetos

Belluzzo Martinhão Arquitetos designed this stunning private residence located in Granja Viana, Brazil, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The points that were most decisive for the development of the project were: the steep slope of the land, the beautiful view to the horizon and the limited budget of the clients. Usually terrain with steep slopes generates higher costs in the works due to the need of retaining walls, but since we had a budget limit, we tried to take full advantage of the natural terrain profile, in order to avoid large structural reinforcements that generate high costs. Thus, the house has an inverted concept, the main access is through the upper floor of the house, in which are distributed in a fully integrated social environments and service area, this floor is covered by a light black metallic cover.

Leaving through the sliding glass doors of the living room, the residents can access the deck, which has a beautiful view of the horizon, from where they can admire the sunset. Descending to the intermediate floor of the residence, at the end of the staircase is the library, on this floor, we created a plateau to make a winter garden that can also be admired from the floor of the room and serves as entrance of lighting and ventilation to the environments that surround it. Soon after passing through the library, one can have access to the intimate corridor, where the three dormitories of the residence are, all with view to the west. Still descending one more level, there is an inferior floor, covered by the projection of the dormitories, where the residents made a room of glass music and another section of garden.


The building materials are all natural apparent. The house was made with a mixed structure, of structural blocks, some beams and pillars in strategic points and metallic structure in the cover. All of these materials are apparent inside and outside the residence. On the ground floor we have used a porcelain tile floor with burnt cement, Cumaru wood deck, ceramic pastille in the spa, hexagonal hydraulic tiles in the kitchen and gourmet areas, cedrinho wood lining. On the middle floor, we used tiled wood floor in the rooms. Throughout the house black aluminum frames and plenty of glass to give lightness and contrast with the concrete elements. Despite the more industrial style, the touches of wood and the decor gave the necessary warmth to the environments.

Photography by Mariana Orsi

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