The Future of Flooring: Hybrid Flooring and Its Sustainable Benefits

Here are some reasons why hybrid flooring is considered a viable and sustainable choice:

Photography ©Sergey Melnikov courtesy of Line Design Studio

As the world moves into the future, people from every walk of life try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The move towards electric cars and away from the internal combustion engine (ICE) is a perfect example, reducing the harmful carbon emissions drivers give off on a daily basis.

Another great example is switching from hardwood and natural rock flooring and replacing it with hybrid flooring, giving you a sustainable way to have an awesome floor while keeping the same great look and feel.

Let’s dig into this subject a little deeper to see exactly how hybrid flooring can offer viable, sustainable benefits so you can fully understand why this type of flooring will be the future of flooring.

Less Is More: Hybrid Floors Use Less Materials

When installing floors such as Marble, Oak, or Walnut, you must understand how many trees or rock you use to finish one room. You cannot use one tree for the planks or an entire rock face for the Marble slabs. The company manufacturing the pieces you are using will machine the pieces down, which means wasting a majority of the original piece because it will not all be used for your specific project.

A hybrid floor will only use small pieces of those original trees and rock slabs, if any. In fact, those pieces of waste that original material floors have go straight to the hybrid manufacturing plants to use, so you are not only saving the planet by using less materials, but you are helping clean up the planet by using the waste products from other manufacturing plants that would typically have to be disposed of in different ways.

Photography ©Sergey Melnikov courtesy of Line Design Studio

Recycled Materials: Hybrid Floors Are Made From Recycled Materials

Another type of hybrid floor you can buy is not created by using pieces of natural material like limestone, but rather parts of recycled materials such as plastic bottles. This is another thing that environmentally conscious people do on a daily basis, making sure that the empty water bottle goes into the recycle trash rather than the landfill can.

When a product such as hybrid flooring is created through the manufacturing process using recycled materials, it takes a huge chunk of what would have been garbage at the landfill that would take generations to degrade (if ever) and use it in a good way. This creates one of the most sustainable flooring products on the market today.

Hybrid Flooring Creates A Sustainable Living Environment

The final, and perhaps the most important, way that hybrid flooring helps create a sustainable way of life for you is how it works. Once the hybrid floor is installed, it will block the heat, or cold, into the room by creating a barrier. Obviously, how well the floor works will depend upon the rest of the room, such as the seals around the doors and windows and the insulation in the walls and ceiling, but without good flooring, most of the temperature fluctuations will happen through the floor.

If you do not believe this to be true, walk out of the bedroom barefooted one morning and check the differences between each room and each type of flooring. Then you will understand how much a good hybrid floor can help reduce wasted heat and cooling, making you more sustainable.

Photography ©Sergey Melnikov courtesy of Line Design Studio

Final Thoughts

Living a sustainable life not only helps the environment and the world we live in, but it ensures that the generations that come after you will have the same quality of life you have now. Using hybrid flooring instead of natural wood or rock is one of the best ways to help save the environment when remodeling or upgrading your home because it is better on the pocketbook but also more durable and easier to get your hands on.

Overall, hybrid flooring is the best way to go simply because there are more positives than negatives. Since you are obviously here trying to figure out ways to be more sustainable, you now know that hybrid floors are your best choice.

All images from Apartment K160 by Line Design Studio – See full story here

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