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MDF Italia’s Sustainable Furniture Debuts at Salone del Mobile

Harmony of Design and Sustainability in MDF Italia’s Latest Collection

©Thomas Pagani, MDF Italia’s Sustainable Furniture Debuts at Salone del Mobile

MDF Italia‘s presence at the Salone del Mobile 2024 marks a significant moment in the company’s history, as it presents a diverse collection of products that blend heritage with innovation. The event showcases a fusion of renowned partnerships alongside collaborations with fresh talent, exemplified by the inclusion of Snøhetta, the esteemed Norwegian design studio. This year, MDF Italia reiterates its commitment to experimentation, steering its creative vision towards a renewed emphasis on environmental consciousness, which serves as the cornerstone of its design philosophy.

©Thomas Pagani

In its pursuit of innovation, MDF Italia continues to refine its design language, moving away from the formal rigidity that characterized its past collections towards a softer, more inviting aesthetic. Architect Pitsou Kedem‘s design for the MDF Italia stand at the Salone del Mobile exemplifies this evolution, where geometric elements dissolve into gentle, bright tones, creating spaces that beckon comfort. 

©Thomas Pagani
©Thomas Pagani

Among the highlights of MDF Italia’s new collection is the Array sofa system by Snøhetta, which revolutionizes traditional sofa design with its modular construction and eco-conscious materials. Crafted with recycled plastic bases and bio-foam cushions, Array prioritizes both comfort and sustainability, offering customizable living solutions.

Gio Tirotto‘s Peggy armchair epitomizes the trend towards a “soft home,” with its enveloping design and use of recycled materials. Similarly, Marco Lavit‘s Cantle collection draws inspiration from equestrian elements, offering a sophisticated yet sustainable seating solution that minimizes material consumption without compromising on comfort or style. Tommaso Caldera‘s Edo chair collection pays homage to traditional craftsmanship with its solid wood frame and versatile design, while Marialaura Irvine‘s Bonnet tables introduce a touch of femininity with their soft, rational forms and innovative material finishes.

©Thomas Pagani

Benjamin Hubert‘s Press chair pushes the boundaries of seating design with its innovative production process and minimalist aesthetic, while 967arch‘s Duetto stool and Gilli Kuchik & Ran Amitai‘s Twig stool offer versatile seating solutions that blend functionality with bold design. Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga’s Tense Material Heritage table revives ancient craft traditions with its handmade wood carving techniques, while Jean Marie Massaud’s Flow collection undergoes a subtle yet impactful restyling, emphasizing sustainability and comfort.

Pitsou Kedem‘s Pentagramma living system introduces new storage elements to meet the organizational needs of modern living spaces, showcasing MDF Italia’s commitment to versatility and adaptability. MDF Italia’s presence at the Salone del Mobile 2024 reaffirms its position as a pioneer in contemporary furniture design, blending innovation with sustainability to create timeless yet forward-thinking pieces for the modern home.

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