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  • Stunning Art Nouveau Era Apartment In Antwerp

    Take a tour of a stunning apartment located in a building boasting with a mix of neo-classic and art Nouveau located in Antwerp (Belgium). Owners Inge Grognard and Ronald Stoops who work in the Fashion industry have mixed their own world with the apartment’s masterfully created existing interior. RELATED: Find More Inspiring Apartments on ArchiSCENE […] More

  • Supermodel Kate Moss Designed A House

    Supermodel Kate Moss might have her hands full taking the covers of VOGUE magazine, nevertheless her passion for design took the spotlight in the collaboration with the Design Practice YOO. Kate teamed up with the architects on THE BARNHOUSE project, a five bedroom home going on the market currently for around 2.5 million pounds. RELATED: Find […] More

  • The G27 Global Institute by Macro Sea

    For the opening of new semester at The G27 Global Institute in Berlin the creatives at the design firm Macro Sea have reshaped the study and living space. Recognizing early that students have become increasingly sophisticated and sensitive to context, Macro Sea along with partner CIEE (largest study abroad organization) created G27, one of the first design-led student […] More

  • Vectorworks Webinar: Inspirational Leadership & Celebrated Japanese Architects

    Register for Business of Creativity and Art in Architecture Let’s think about the practice of design and your efforts to stay creative. What drives you? What challenges you? Join us as we ignite your inspiration and uncover unexpected perspectives from luminaries who share our passion for the art and the business of design. EXPANDING THE […] More

  • Discover Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina

    Colourliving now houses the superb Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina, a modern as well as luxurious custom kitchen collection unveiled as an exclusive installation preview at flagship Wan Chai store. We are delighted to be the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong offering the luxurious Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina collection. Created using the finest materials, Fendi Casa brings […] More

  • Bathroom

    Best Ways to Improve the Look of Your Bathroom this Summer

    Picture your bathroom right now. Think about the fixtures, the counters, the colors on the walls. Think about the day-to-day clutter lining the space by the sink, the chipped paint near the windowsill. Your bathroom has probably looked the same way for a long time, and you no longer think about the how it could […] More

  • Chaplin Townhouse by Ensemble Architecture DPC

    Chaplin Townhouse is another eye-catching project by the Ensemble Architecture DPC team who renovated this classic townhouse located in Brooklyn’s Caroll Gardens area. The space was recreated for the new owner who is a travel writer, and was involved in the redesign process with his own ideas. RELATED: Find More Projects in New York City The […] More

  • White Room Flat in Melbourne by Lynda Gardener

    The White Room project is an inviting living space in Melbourne (Australia) shaped by interior designer and stylist Lynda Gardener. With a sentiment of vintage Lynda has created a comfortable flat, making the most of its space. For more of The White Room apartment shaped with Lynda’s vintage signature style continue after the jump: More

  • Residence In Umbria by Paola Navone

    Furniture and interior designer Paola Navone reshapes the open plan of a barn-like space into a modern yet cozy home. The lavish home is located in Umbria, the designer has used rustic sentiment when it came to furniture and tiling choice. Also the walls are stripped to their stone bricks and painted in the beautifully […] More

  • Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Home on a Budget

    Creating the home of your dreams is an expensive task – everyone who’s ever tried it will know that. A lack of funds puts many of us off even attempting it, but although achieving your vision might prove costly, this doesn’t mean that you need to be stuck with a half-finished property forever. For some, […] More

  • Family Home Designed by Elisabeth Heier

    Elisabeth Heier‘s beautifully arranged family home design unites both cozy and contemporary. Creating an inviting living space, fit for a whole family.  Elisabeth is an interior designer as well as a known design blogger. RELATED: Find more houses in ArchiSCENE archive. For more of this family home continue after the jump: More

  • In Praise of Pine: Decor Ideas for Every Room

    Pine wood is one of the most beautiful and versatile styles of timber around, with many different styles available. The Pinus Genus has many different species, all of which are used in construction and furniture design according to their varying degrees of strength and flexibility. With a softer, more neutral tone than Oak, pine furniture […] More

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