5 Careers for People Who Love Architecture

Architecture is a career only for those who love it, but within the industry there is a variety of possible jobs – we decide 5 possible career moves:

Architecture Office

Architecture requires a good deal of schooling and professional training in addition to a strong proficiency in math. Many people like the idea of pursuing architecture, but not everyone wants to spend the time and money in school to make it happen.

If you have always admired the design of buildings but do not necessarily want to go into architecture, then you may want to consider the following five career paths.


Architecture can be very theoretical and less hands-on, while contracting is quite the opposite. If you want a career where you can work with your hands to create amazing things, then contracting may be perfect for you. Contracting generally requires fewer credentials than architecture and tends to operate on a more flexible, project-based schedule.

There are online resources that will help you through every step of acquiring the necessary certifications.

architecture drawing

Interior Designing

If trying to design an entire building feels daunting, you may be more interested in interior design. This facet of design involves creating living spaces that are both functional and beautiful. You will get to work with people and create their ideal living spaces.

Interior designing will provide you with a unique way to improve the lives of the people you work with while allowing you to be creative.

Interior Decorating

Interior decorating is quite similar to interior designing. Some interior designers choose to take on decorating as part of their services. However, the main difference is that interior decorating has more to do with furnishing and final touches as opposed to layout and structural design. Life of an interior decorator is not any easier than the one of an interior designer

If you have always had an eye for color and a knack for finding the perfect accessory, you will likely excel at interior decorating. You might even be able to use your skills to create captivating special event environments as well.

With interior decorating, all the design elements come together into a cohesive final look, which can be incredibly rewarding.

Urban Planning

Urban planning is related to designing buildings, but on a much more macro level. It deals with the design and layout of cities. It looks for ways to use available space most efficiently and for the benefit of the largest number of people. Often urban planning projects are planned over decades and are truly reshaping the lives in addition to the layouts of our cities. 

If you are interested in helping lots of people by ensuring that cities develop sustainably and safely, then urban planning could be the perfect move for you. You may also find yourself approving or disproving permits from time to time, which may be a tad less glamorous, but it’s a crucial part of the job.


If you like to design things but want to spend more time in the great outdoors than you would in an office, then landscape design may be perfect for you. Landscaping is a wonderful way to help people get the most of their outdoor spaces and enhance their property’s curb appeal.

You will also get to be creative and spend a great deal of time outside.

Which Job is Right For You?

If you have a passion for architecture, but becoming an architect is not the right fit for you, that does not mean that you must do something else entirely. When thinking of your future career, choose a field that you enjoy. It might not be what you always dreamed of, but you can make find happiness pursuing a similar job. Career tips from people successful in various work surroundings can help you make a decision. Media guru Arianna Huffington in her career tips advises to take care of ourselves but also to take some time and read.  

If you go into a field that you hate and do not care about, then it is far less likely that you will be successful. If you can find something you are passionate about and have the right skills, you will be well on your way to a fulfilling career.

GALLERY GIF by Miyao Design Studio

GALLERY GIF by Miyao Design Studio

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W San Francisco by Skylab Architecture