Raising Future Architects: Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

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Raising Future Architects: Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

Any parent that has ever tried to make their child do chores or tidy their room knows that you can’t make your children do what you want them to. Especially not as they grow older and begin to make their own choices in life.

Raising Future Architects: Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

But as they’re growing up, they will look to you for guidance as they begin to forge their own paths in life. And as a parent, you can open their eyes to possibilities they may never have considered.

So whether your child displays a particularly innovative penchant for LEGO, or an inquisitive mind when it comes to the world around them, if you suspect you’re raising a creative genius, here are 3 tips to help you inspire your budding architect.

  1. Answer their questions

Encouraging your child’s observational skills and nurturing their curiosity will go a long way to developing their future creativity.

Take them to surroundings that will capture their imagination – castles make for perfect visiting spots that will engage their young minds. Get them to notice the world around them and encourage them to ask questions about it. When you don’t know the answers, find them together.

This approach plants the seed of inspiration and teaches them to appreciate history. It’s a sure-fire way to get the cogs moving in the mind of your miniature architect.

  1. Foster their creativity

Kids of all ages can benefit from free reign when it comes to arts and crafts.

And it’s great to encourage them to be creative! Not only can it inspire their ambitions later in life, but artistic hobbies can be the perfect peaceful pursuit to wind down.

Something as simple as a love of drawing can be enough to get those creative juices flowing, and things like LEGO don’t just have to be for young children. In fact, the toy manufacturer now produces the LEGO Architecture range, which features real life landmarks like Buckingham Palace, the Statue of Liberty, as well as many iconic city skylines. These sets are likely to inspire problem solvers of all ages – you may even find yourself fascinated by them!

Raising Future Architects: Nurturing Your Child’s Talent

  1. Plan ahead

Any teen poring over GCSE choices and UCAS requirements has some big decisions ahead of them. And if a career in architecture is on the cards, then not only are they going to need the right subjects, but they’ll need good grades too.

There’s no doubt that your prodigal progeny will pass any exam with flying colours, but for a little additional support, tutoring services like Teachers To Your Home can give them the necessary confidence boost to ace their assessments and secure their successes.

Again, there’s no need to pressure them, but no matter what their aspirations, it’s great to encourage your ambitious youngsters to plan ahead. But nurturing their talents early on will set them up with the skills to achieve anything they want and assure them that they have your faith and support throughout.

We hope our tips inspire your junior architect’s bright future.

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