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  • Bento by YUUE Design Studio

    YUUE Design Studio designed Bento, an interactive portable lamp. To turn on the lamp is as intuitive as pulling the band on the top. The light gently goes on automatically. Reversing the action will turn off the lamp. The structure is possible thanks to the extendable pole and a flexible silicone lampshade. The cylinder chamber […] More

  • How to Pick the Perfect Light Fixture

    When you put a lot of thought and energy into designing a room, you want to be sure you don’t miss anything. With that said, no room is complete without the perfect light fixture(s). Lighting is obviously important to help you see, but it also helps to bring the design of the room together, create […] More

  • Circus Lamp by Javier Herrero Studio for Buokids

    Following their first collaboration which resulted in the “Tipi” family of table lamps, the Spanish designer Javier Herrero and the children’s lighting specialists Buokids are back with a new design: the “Circus” hanging lamp. The name couldn’t have been anything else, as “Circus” was basically inspired by the aesthetic of the wonderful world of the […] More

  • Spritz Hanging Lights by Yuval Tzur

    ​ Yuval Tzur designed The Spritz hanging lights. Spritz is a technique of applying plaster mixture for homes and buildings, both interior and exterior. It is an acrylic, water based material made of cement and glue. We apply it by spraying the layer on the walls that gives it a rough 3d surface, similar to […] More

  • SLICE decorative wall light by Yuval Tzur

    Designed by Yuval Tzur, Slice is a decorative wall light inspired by the style of the 80s clubs and design, with a high gloss colorful finish. ​The slice is a single round aluminum mesh that has been bent in the middle to form an open slice with a diffused LED light inside. ​The slices can […] More

  • Nox by Alfredo Häberli for Astep

    Nox is a portable luminaire both for indoors and outdoors designed by Zurich-based designer Alfredo Häberli for Danish brand Astep. It embodies the playful and innovative energy of Alfredo Häberli in a softly beautiful portable luminaire. Named for ‘night’ in Latin, Nox in its very essence invites being moved around to embellish and brighten up […] More

  • PEDRALI Dazzles at Salone Del Mobile in Milano

    PEDRALI Dazzles at Salone Del Mobile in Milano where the famed house presented eleven new designs. The Solid Geometry took the spotlight at the 56th Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, where the set up has been shaped by the Milan-based studio Calvi Brambilla and it is an homage to the soundness of this Italian […] More

  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas: How to Do It Right

    Outdoor lighting in the hands of an expert can do wonders for your landscape when the sun goes down. It could be the reason why cars passing by actually stop to take a look at your house in admiration. However, it needs to be done right to produce such an effect and here are a […] More

  • Out of the Dark: The History of Lighting Video

    Indoor, outdoor and decorative lighting specialist, Festive Lights, has created an informative video showing the progress of lighting through time. Starting at the very beginning, with the sun and fire as necessities to light our way through the day time and dark nights, the video tracks the history of mankind’s journey Out of the Dark, […] More

  • How to Choose the Right Bedroom Chandelier

    Chandeliers have long been a fixture above formal dining tables. It’s not unusual to walk into a foyer and look up to see a traditional crystal chandelier twinkling overhead. But what about in the bedroom? Can this elegant lighting fixture transcend its associations with dining rooms and entryways and make itself at home in the […] More

  • Calimero by Dan Yeffet Design Studio for Wonderglass

    Designed by Dan Yeffet Design Studio for Wonderglass, Calimero sets a style of expression, an homage, a delicate and valuable coexistence. It looks towards the future and seduces with the reminiscence of a machinery – a tribute to industrial lamps as well as luminous spheres from the past. More

  • All Around Lamp by Maria Novozhilova

    Maria Novozhilova designed theAll Around Lamp, a geometric floor lamp that doesn’t have a top or bottom. The tetrahedron-shaped lamp use LED technology to create a warm ambiance. Take a look at the complete story below. More

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