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MILOS Hudson Yards by AtelierCarle

A fusion of culture, design, and culinary excellence within the ever-evolving landscape of New York City

Photography by © Felix Michaud

AtelierCarle has unveiled its latest project in New York, MILOS Hudson Yards. This exquisite restaurant, located on the 5th and 6th floors of a commercial complex within the iconic Hudson Yards development, brings a taste of Greek Mediterranean cuisine to the heart of New York City.

Estiatorio Milos, known for its presence in key global cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Montréal, London, and Athens, has added a new address to its prestigious chain. MILOS Hudson Yards represents a significant milestone in the brand’s expansion.

Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud

AtelierCarle’s approach to designing MILOS Hudson Yards was a result of years of collaboration with the renowned chef-restaurateur. Their vision was to seamlessly integrate the restaurant into its surroundings, considering the unique characteristics of the location.

The restaurant’s layout presented a challenge, with irregular perimeters defined by curved and angled wall sections, a consequence of technical compartmentalization rather than a deliberate design concept. However, these unusual spaces offer diners unparalleled views of Manhattan’s West Side and the Hudson River.

The restaurant spans two levels, with the 5th floor featuring a new wine bar, raw fish bar, and yogurt bar, providing a delightful prelude to the main dining room on the 6th floor. A striking cylindrical elevator space is encircled by a monumental staircase, connecting the two levels seamlessly.

Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud

The main dining area on the 6th floor is characterized by strong circular elements, reflecting the curvature of the glass facade and dividing the space into distinct zones. The strategic placement of the stairway landing ensures that guests can appreciate the entire space upon entering, reminiscent of the sloping landscapes found in Greek island villages.


The ceiling features a large circular opening at its center, maintaining the maximum height of the existing slab and serving as a focal point. The kitchen preparation functions are thoughtfully arranged in an “L” shape along the perimeter, allowing diners to glimpse the culinary magic in progress.

Photography by © Felix Michaud
Photography by © Felix Michaud

AtelierCarle drew inspiration from Greek architecture’s simplicity and harmony with the landscape, particularly in the Cyclades. Traditional materials like stone, concrete, and plaster were chosen to create a sense of unity and timelessness, paying homage to the architectural legacy of the Greek islands. The design does not replicate this style but offers a contemporary interpretation that captures the essence of Greek architectural principles.

Project information
Name: MILOS Hudson Yards
Location: New York, NY, USA
Year: 2019
Area: 1,340 m2/ 15,000 ft2

Principal Architect: Alain Carle
Project Manager: Isaniel Lévesque
Landlord: Related Companies
Construction Manager: Clairemont Peconic
Architect of Record: David Bucovy Architect
Structure Engineer: Thornton Tomassetti
Mechanical Engineer: HNY Consulting Engineers
Kitchen Designer: Next Step Design
Lighting Designer: Lux and Veritas
Acoustic Designer: Cerami

Storefront windows: Nanawall
Floor: Dinesen
Plaster finish: Armocoat
Furniture (chairs): Poliform
Lighting (train station lantern): Ann-Morris

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