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SilverWoodHouse in Portugal by Ernesto Pereira

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Ernesto Pereira
SilverWoodHouse project in Portugal is work of Ernesto Pereira architecture practice and it was completed in the previous year.


The clients showed me the house where they intended to live if it was transformed , and became pleasant while surprising them. They asked me to see what we could do with the building, with no budget limit, no time limit, they just wanted a piece of art, a product that fascinated them where it feel good to live. The work was remodeling a depersonalized home with typical popular construction marked by its outside rural interpretation. I decided to take the beach to my clients, so that they could feel everyday the proximity of the dunes, sand and worn wood. It was very important to meet them exhaustively, as well as their tastes and their foibles, routines and pleasures, and present a solution: the SilverWoodHouse. – from architect Ernesto Pereira

Photographer Joao Morgado shares with us his photography of the showstopping project:

JM_SilverWoodHouse_006 JM_SilverWoodHouse_011 JM_SilverWoodHouse_014 JM_SilverWoodHouse_017 JM_SilverWoodHouse_019 JM_SilverWoodHouse_025 JM_SilverWoodHouse_033 JM_SilverWoodHouse_036 JM_SilverWoodHouse_038 JM_SilverWoodHouse_046 JM_SilverWoodHouse_047 JM_SilverWoodHouse_048 JM_SilverWoodHouse_051 JM_SilverWoodHouse_058 JM_SilverWoodHouse_060 JM_SilverWoodHouse_061
All Photos Above by Joao Morgado – Architectural Photography –

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