How to Create the Definitive Man Cave

North-Melbourne-Kavellaris-Urban-Design-01Are you a man? Are you confident, competitive, courageous and career focused? Do you barbecue slabs of meat, drink beer by the barrel load and laugh in the face of “emotions”? Nodding enthusiastically? Good! But let me ask you this … Have you recently moved in with your partner? Are your walls inexplicably adorned with pressed flowers in frames? Has your home’s mannishqualitieslovingly been eradicated by the female touch?

If you nodded wretchedly at the above, it’s high time you invested in a man cave, buddy.

Dubbed the “last bastion of masculinity” by Paula Aymer from Tufts University, a man cave offers a space free from female sensibilities, allowing you to enjoy some of the manlier things in life. Typically, a man cave is a converted garage or spare room, with tasteless pictures hanging on the walls and beer stained furniture offering a less than premium lounging experience.

But we don’t want to give you that …

… we want to give you the DEFINITIVE man cave.

To avoid the kind of depressing scenario outlined above, it’s imperative you follow our top tips for creating the last word in manly sanctuary. Interested? Read on to find out how …

(Photo Kavellaris Urban Design)

Lounge in Comfort

When the time comes to watch the big game with your fellow men, balancing on the edge of a rickety steel chair simply won’t cut the mustard. The alternative?Find the biggest, comfiest recliner chairs to add a touch of comfort and style to your man den. As well as being leather (to wipe clean inevitable game-related beer spillages), you must have enough quality lounging for at least six people, consider something like a couple double recliner with consoles, as any bloke left sitting on the floor will likely be an unhappy inhabitant of your man cave – and that’s a definite no-no.

Install a MASSIVE Television

Although Mark Twain said that “clothes make the man”, he didn’t live in a world where your masculinity is measured on how many inches you have hanging on your wall. How big? At least 60”, but, as the actress said to the bishop, the bigger the better. If you want to go one step further, it may be worthwhile looking into buying a projector screen for your man cave, offering you and your fellow cave dwellers an awe-inspiring screen for viewing those all important moments of sporting history.

Bag Yourself a Pool Table

It wouldn’t be the DEFINITIVE man cave without a pool table, would it? Before you rush out to the nearest pool table superstore clutching beer soaked £50 notes, however, you should measure up your space to find out how big a table you can realistically fit in.

In addition, it’s vital to let your fellow men know that, as it’s your man cave, it’s your rules – which means no drinks on the side of the table, no relationship talk and, perhaps most importantly, no blocking the TV while the big game is on …


Façonnable by BT Arquitectos

Ski Caffe Stara Planina by ARCHIFACT Studio