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Your Heart, Your Home: Giving Your Bathroom the Personal Touch

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Your home is your sanctuary, so it makes most sense to decorate it according to your tastes and preferences. Moreover, your guests will always feel more comfortable in a personable home that reflects you and your family. Your bathroom is one of the areas where you should feel free to emphasize that personal touch that adds both character and style to your home. When making over this space, keep the following tips in mind.

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Monogrammed Towels

Bathroom items like these monogrammed bath towels will definitely add personal charm to your setting. Classy and soft, these towels are both useful and decorative. By purchasing a few sets, you’ll always have fresh towels to swap, which helps you keep company ready. Keep in mind that monogrammed shower curtains are also something that can add a bit of drama to the setting that’s perfectly personable.

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Shower Options

Swapping out shower heads to suit your comfort is easy and is also an affordable upgrade. There are many types of shower heads on the market so you can choose one that detaches, is oversized, or features a variety of jet flows to achieve the perfect shower to suit your mood every time. From gentle rain to powerful streams, the changing water flow is something that everyone in the household will appreciate.

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Why shouldn’t you decorate with the colors you love, colors that make you feel cozy and relaxed? When considering a decorative scheme for your bathroom, you might opt for colors that suggest French country or a Tuscan villa. You might enjoy island blues or sunset hues of yellow and orange. You reflect your color scheme through your tiles, paint, rug, or even shower curtain.

Perfect Patterns

Aside from colors, the patterns of your décor also speak to who you are and what you love. You can choose tiles or wallpaper that showcase French toile, stripes, stars, a botanical print, or any other pattern you find attractive. Tile, of course, is a great material to include in the bathroom and you’ll find a wide array to choose from at home improvement centers.

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A Hint of Nature

If you love to garden or are a plant lover, add a moisture-loving plant to your bathroom décor. Many house plants will even improve the home’s indoor air quality. You can tie a sprig of eucalyptus to your shower head to add a pleasant fragrance to your shower. Other personable touches might include the seashell you brought home from your honeymoon, a vase of dried flowers from your garden, or a soy candle with your favorite vanilla or mulberry scent. Image above from the Apartment of Tumblr founder, see more on ArchiSCENE

Don’t forget that wall art and charming prints that reflect your taste can also be included in the bathroom. The framed prints you hang can provide a focal element to your décor and enhance its overall style. Keep these tips in mind as your rev up the personality and charm of your bathroom. Once you achieve your makeover, you’ll love spending time in this space.

Claudia Martin runs a busy family home and is always striving to achieve that coveted domestic goddess status. She enjoys sharing her experiences and ideas on how to make your house a home with an online audience. Claudia is a regular writer for a number of lifestyle websites.

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