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Designing Your Company Workplace


What does your office space look like? Are you happy with it? Whether you’re starting up a business, are working at a company or already own a company, consider what your workspace looks like and how it makes you feel day in, day out. The look and feel of a workspace can either benefit or harm employee’s productivity. After all,most people spend most of their day at work. Therefore, it’s important that their workspace is designed in a way that bolsters not only productivity,but also creativity. This article will touch on the key points of getting started with the company, improving functionality, productivity, making it a fun work environment, experimenting and finally company branding.

Getting started

Before worrying about the design of the workspace, consider the building itself. Is it in a good location? Does it require a makeover? If you are someone that is starting their own business, there are many factors to consider before renting out a workspace. Or, the other option is investing in commercial real estate. As a business owner, this is yet another way to make a profit if you also own the building. Not to mention, cash flow with commercial real estate is high. The city of Westminster in Orange County, California, provides detailed commercial real estate investing tips as part of the Westminster Commercial Building. There are various pros and cons of purchasing versus leasing commercial property, so as always, research and prior planning are required. If you are planning to remain in your company’s building for seven years or more, consider purchasing over leasing.

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Aside from the real estate property, what type of business will you open? Does the company specialize in tech, lifestyle or kids entertainment? Is it a graphic design company or a marketing agency? Answering these kinds of questions will make a difference to the setup of your environment. Consider your business field before planning the workspace. For instance, would employees benefit from an open-concept space or are separate offices better? There are many questions which you must answer before choosing the building and laying out the design. Do you have a business partner? The list goes on and on!This is the preliminary stage that requires some initial thought. Pick up a pen, paper and take some time to think about it.

Functionality and productivity

Is the office workspace functional? Does it allow for employee productivity? Consider different trends to increase productivity. Collaboration between employees is a key factor in improving productivity.Plan the office layout in a way that people aren’t isolated from one another. It could be an open space concept for some offices, as well as including brainstorm rooms. Consider using glass walls around conference rooms so that they are not isolated from the rest of the office. People should be able to go from sitting at their desk to working in the brainstorm room and to even sitting in a quiet space when a deadline is just around the corner. Moreover, consider a flexible workplace in terms of flexible hours. Allow people to work from home at some points for a change of scenery. This flexible attitude will, once again, go a long way to increase employee productivity.

Creating a fun workplace

A workplace can be both fun and productive. Whenever the mood in the office appears to be down, prioritize fun! Encourage team-building exercises to boost morale. It doesn’t require mind-exploding activities, either. Anything from small breaks to different tasks can make the workspace environment healthier and everyone in it happy. Encouraging employees to have fun and take breaks will go a long way to not producing disinterested robots in the office. In addition to this, opting for a fun work environment will benefit creativity. Nobody can come up with that next great idea if they are constantly feeling stressed or sad whenever they are at work.

Consider including fun activities in the office space. You could include a ping-pong table, table football, a board game room, billiard room or even a rock-climbing wall! Offer spaces where employees can go and relax while in the office, and not outside. You’ll find that even a 15-minute break can help stimulate the mind. Consider having the office be dog-friendly. Who doesn’t like having a furry canine by their side while working? Every office has that one unique room or activity that no one else has. What is yours?


Don’t be afraid to experiment

Consider out of the box designs and activities for your business. If you are thinking of a layout feature that nobody has done before, don’t be afraid to try it out. From an architectural point of view, consider using different materials for your office space. Create a chalkboard wall and incorporate a lot of light, both natural and synthetic, in the office. Paint the walls a funky color or create a doodle wall where there is a lot of white. It’ll be something fun for both employees and visitors to the company.

Branding the workspace environment

Another key factor in designing the workplace environment is branding. It goes beyond just using a company’s logo. Rather,create a workplace environment that takes the company’s values and implement them in the day-to-day office operations. Instead, look beyond immediate design and rather the emotional impact that a company leaves on a person. Ensure your employees are valued and connected to the company. This instills a sense of identity that people connect with their company.

Nobody likes going to an office that is boring, dull and dated. Consider anything from brightening up the walls to the designing the layout in a way that will foster creativity and employee happiness. Take the right step in choosing the correct office space and décor because a workplace that is well thought out will make people happier to put in those extra hours when necessary.Doing this will benefit both the company and the people, considering the people will be happy and the company will succeed. A company’s success, after all, often comes from the employees who work there. Employees make up the company. So, what does your workplace look like?

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