4 Signs Your Home Needs A Heating System Upgrade

Look for the following signs that are showing you it’s time to upgrade your heating system

4 Signs Your Home Needs A Heating System Upgrade

Being a homeowner is a blessing, but it sure comes with a price. And by this, it means you need to retain the condition of your home and repair everything that has experienced wear and tear. A regular home inspection is crucial to maintaining your home’s upkeep, and one critical component to be mindful of is your heating system.

Your home’s heating system could be nearing its lifespan, but if you fail to find out about this, it could result in disastrous cold nights for you and your family. Therefore, it’s imperative that you pay closer attention to its condition and discover potential issues early on.

Look for the following signs that are showing you it’s time to upgrade your heating system:

  1. Outdated Heater

According to boiler systems in Kansas City, it’s only natural for a vintage heater system to malfunction eventually. It could have experienced some issues that were just ignored and accumulated into severe damage through the years. The parts of an old heating system aren’t designed to last forever, so they’re likely to be inefficient over time.

All machines slow down as they age, and this is no exemption no matter how expensive your heating system is. When your system gets older, it consumes more energy to perform the same task. Regardless of how well you maintain, it’ll always be hard-pressed to meet your heating needs.

And since they become prone to malfunctioning, using a faulty heating system could be risky, mainly if it uses gas, oil, or propane. During the combustion process, the combustion gas reacts with the heat exchanger’s metal, which corrodes it and creates cracks. As a result, exhaust gases could potentially spread throughout your home, leaving harm to the entire household. Therefore, don’t ever compromise on using an ancient heater system. When it starts to malfunction and is already aged enough, it’s better to replace it.

4 Signs Your Home Needs A Heating System Upgrade

  1. Hefty Energy Bills

Aging systems may result in constant and future underlying problems. These issues may add to costs down the road. First and foremost, it’ll yield higher monthly bills for your electricity. As they need to perform stronger to work efficiently, they need to consume more energy. This goes the same for any of your heating system times. Whatever resource you use, whether gas, oil, or propane, you’ll be consuming more of these resources when your heating system is faulty and aged.

Energy-efficient heating units can reduce your energy costs and help you maintain a more constant and comfortable home temperature. Manufacturers and energy companies also offer seasonal rebates, so it’s financially wise to replace your old heater with a new and modern energy-efficient one. Choose the perfect location for your furnace in your home.

  1. Inconsistent Heating

There may be some cold and hot spots in your home caused by your system. When you experience this, you’ll know your heating system has trouble. An inefficient furnace may lead to uneven heating across rooms and spaces in your home. But before you replace it right away, you need to inspect and look behind the reason for this.

If airflow to certain rooms is restricted, check if vents and registers are blocked. There could be clogs preventing the vents from working, and it could be dust and other particles, so perhaps they need their regular cleaning. However, if there’s still uneven heating after this process, then it’s time to replace your heating system.

A leaky heating system could be another reason behind the uneven heating. It’s possible that unconditioned air is being sucked into your home through your ductwork while heated air is being lost. This causes the air to become cooler in the space than the rest of the house. Therefore, you can have an expert check your heating system and see any leaks.

4 Signs Your Home Needs A Heating System Upgrade

  1. Strange Noises

Your heater likely needs to be upgraded if it makes odd sounds. Whatever strange noise it makes, an equivalent issue causes such sound. If your unit makes a loud scraping sound such as a piece of metal hitting another metal, this usually means the blower wheel is malfunctioning. Let a heater professional check your unit to detect how the sound is caused and what solution is best for it.


A professional can help you save money and time when ready to replace your heating system. As shown in this article, once you experience any of the issues and signs above, it should mean you’ll need to replace them with a new and modern energy-efficient HVAC system. And remember that only a certified HVAC technician must handle the installation and maintenance of a heating unit.

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