Best Lighting Design Concepts For Your Workspace

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Best Lighting Design Concepts For Your Workspace

If you have a home office then you’ll understand the importance of getting the lighting just right, so that no matter which project you are working on, you will be able to see exactly what you are doing. The first point to mention here is that you should always look to create your workspace in an area where there is plenty of natural light that is allowed to flood in. If you aren’t able to allow the light in, or if you are regularly working late into the night, here are some tips from the team at Clearlight Designs on getting that lighting just how you need it.

Large Angled Lamp

If you are working on a desk where you need to keep moving around, you need a light which is going to be able to move with you. Fixed lighting in this situation will not be able to help you but a large angled lamp will. Make sure that the lamp is easily movable and that it is tall enough so that it can hang above your head offering light exactly where you need it.

Father Son Lamp

Father and son lamps is the name for a tall lamp which has a small and movable task light lower down the column. These are great options for a small home office and the large ‘father’ light will be able to provide ample lighting for most projects, then when there is a need to really get some lighting on a specific area, the ‘son’ can be moved into place.

Best Lighting Design Concepts For Your Workspace

Dimmed Lighting

If you are only going to use fixed lighting in the room it is a great idea to get a dimmer switch in order to better manage it. Sometimes it is nice to have some soft lighting if you are working for a long period of time, and that is when you will be able to dim the lights down so that it is kinder on your eyes as you are hustling away.

LED Strips

LED strips are a good option for areas of the room where the light doesn’t reach. These strips feature many small bulbs and they can be placed in just about any area of the room. On their own they will not provide you with enough light to get work done, but they can be used to increase illumination.

Task Light

Sometimes the originals are the best and in the case of the traditional task light these are still some of the best options for people who are looking to add some light to their desk or their office space. Task lights are those which look like the Pixar mascot, cheap to buy, very flexible and provide the perfect solution to lighting in the workplace.

Best Lighting Design Concepts For Your Workspace


For the best lighting solution for you be sure to mix it up with some fixed lighting and some movable lighting options. In doing this you can make sure that you always have the amount of light you need and you can adjust this based on what work you are completing.

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