General Tips for Doing Drain Repairs

Drain issues are common for every home, and especially for homes built in the beginning of the 20th century.  Regardless of the severity of your drain issues you need to take care of them immediately to avoid any further complications.

One of the most common problems connected to drain repair Toronto is undoubtedly clogged drains. Almost every citizen of Toronto at least once in his or her life has faced such an issue and so can imagine what mess it can cause. Even knowing this fact many people wait until the very last moment until doing something or calling professionals to fix everything. In this article we offer you some basic tips for cleaning clogged drains from plumbing services professionals. For these tips you will not need super weird tools, because we will use homemade stuff.

Before getting to the tips, the general one says the following. For a moderately clogged drain you can use a basic mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Firstly put 1/2 cup of soda down to the drain and then add 1/2 cup of vinegar. The ingredients will interact with foaming and fumes and as a result replace the drain cover loosely. Wait for at least an hour before using the water.

Work on the Overflow Vent

If the basic cleaning did not help, go further. For further actions you need to cover up all overflow vents in your home. Take care not only for your basins and showers (by closing them with wet cloth), but make sure that all ‘exits’ of overflow vents in your home are covered.

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Use a Plunger

Now you need to fill the clogged basin or tub with water, but only enough to cover head of plunger. Professionals from drain repair and cleaning services in Toronto advise coating lip of your plunger with special petroleum jelly to create better seal. Then all you need is rapidly slide plunger’s cup over the drain opening and pump it up and down. By doing so you need to feel movement of the water. Most frequently you will be done with unclogging after such operation.

Use Drain Chemicals or a Snake

In case you have even more severe problem and plunger cannot remove the clog, consider either calling professionals from plumbing services or using chemical drain opener. But in the latter case you need to be sure that the drain is clogged not completely, because otherwise it may harm some fixtures because of caustic agents. If you are not sure about the severity of the problem, you can always use drain-and-trap auger. But in case of such specific problems it is highly advised to consult a plumber before taking any actions.

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