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RESIDENTIAL: How Can Skylights Transform Your Space?


While we’re all obsessed with making the kind of home improvements that will simultaneously drive up the long-term value of our property and make them more enjoyable places to live and spend our time as a result, there are a few oversights most people make that are easy enough to address. Obvious steps such as upgrading to double glazing and redecorating to make the most of the space you have is one thing, but these rarely make the kind of defining changes to a room that will carry a lasting impact.

While we don’t tend to have all that much of it in this country, making the most of what direct sunlight we do have is an excellent way of giving a home new life, encouraging natural warmth and giving yourself a brighter, fresher space within which to live. By installing a skylight, you’re not only opening your home to more light, but increasing ventilation and airflow, amongst a whole host of other benefits.

More Light

While having a bright home will go some way to lifting your mood and making your environment feel far more welcoming, there are also additional positives that are well worth consideration. Severely reducing your reliance on using your electric lights during the day, a well place skylight can have an effect that even the biggest of windows couldn’t. Drawing in some natural heat that will be more than welcome in the winter months, reducing the burden of needing your electricity and heating on constantly may help lead to smaller bills, saving you money long term.


Open Up Your Room

Ideal additions within smaller spaces, too, a well-placed skylight can make more compact rooms feel far larger and appealing, which makes them a real consideration for anyone with a spare box bedroom or attic conversion with limited space.

Perception and feel are integral aspects of interior design, with form and function often blending in to one. Most modern houses will come with a smaller room that can be used as a spare guest bedroom, nursery or home office, and depending on the way your home faces – which is something you should be definitely be taking in to account before you purchase – they can be left without a good source of natural light, making them feel smaller and dingier as a result.

How Can Skylights Transform Your Space?

Introduce Technology

Skylights don’t have to be just sheet glass offering a permanent window in to the home. With plenty of dressings available that will heighten their design appeal – such as curtains and blinds – you can also have them set to open for additional ventilation, with companies such as Rocburn Limited offering both manual and electric solutions for opening and closing mechanisms. Coming in especially useful where high ceilings are concerned, there’s nothing wrong with some additional practicality within your design and aesthetic improvements.

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