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How to Turn Your Child’s Room into a Guest Room

Montreal condos for sale continue
to be in high demand. If you’re planning to sell yours and want to gain an edge over other sellers, why not make a few renovations to boost your property’s appeal and value?

If you have a child’s room, consider turning it into a guest room, especially if you’re targeting small families and couples.  Here are some steps to turn a children’s room that is no longer being used into a guest room for your guests or simply to prepare your home before putting it in the market:

Of course, the number one thing to do is to get rid of all the stuffed animals and toys in the room. Store it somewhere, sell them or give them away.

Place a nightstand

Put a bedside table or nightstand to make the room feel more welcoming and at the same time, add to its charm.

Create more space

Put as much hanging space as you can. Clear out closets and place a few hangers too.

Create bedroom storage

A child’s room is often low on storage space, so try to remedy this by adding a bookshelf.

Change the sheets

The number one takeaway of a child’s room is the cartoon character-themed bed sheets and pillowcases. Change them into something more mature, and it will instantly feel like a guest room.

Add some grownup decorations

Add beautiful decorations, like a vase with fresh flowers, a lamp, a rug, or some candles to make the room feel and look mature.

Put entertainment appliances in the room

If you have an extra television, place it in the guest room for your visitors to have something to busy themselves with and something to entertain them before finally going to sleep.

Change the curtains

Instead of pink and orange curtains, pick new curtains with more adult-friendly colors, like neutrals, white, or beige. It’s also important to choose the material carefully, too.

Add more comfortable pillows

Lots of pillows – but not too much – will add a more welcoming vibe to the bedroom and will make the guests feel more comfortable and at home in your home.

Place clean slippers by the door

Nothing feels more welcoming and cozy than a fresh pair of bedroom slippers. You may think it’s not really that important but it’s the little details that people actually appreciate.

Whether you’re planning to sell your condo unit or you just want to renovate a children’s room that is no longer being used, making a few and inexpensive changes to the room can make a huge difference.

Images from Scandinavian Style Residence by ZROBYM Architects

Treehouse Suite by Deture Culsign

Brutalist House Concept Design by Adam Spycha?a