Help and Advice: How to Sell Your Art to Customers

If you’re looking to get involved in the art-dealing business and start selling items as quickly as you can, then you’ve got a few options to consider. The chances are you’ll already have an idea of what types of art you want to sell, the next step is to make sure you can get this quickly sold and for the right price.

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Create More Contacts

Before you begin any selling itself, you need to create as many contacts as possible. Get in touch with your current list and see if you can attend any events, gallery openings or simple social events. This way you can rub shoulders with your peers and find more opportunities to let interested parties know about what you have for sale.

Pop Up Galleries

If you’re looking for a quick selling method then a pop up shop could be just the ticket. As this post in The Guardian suggests, a pop up is ‘a great way for galleries to immerse themselves within the “everyday” life of an area and encourage a completely different audience’. An additional benefit to this is a pop up can be much more affordable than setting up a permanent gallery.


Another avenue to go down is the auction houses. What’s great about these is you can quickly get these set up and, better still, quickly get your art sold to prospective buyers. These work the same way as any other auction and all you need to do is carry out a quick internet search to find them in your nearest town or city.

Private Sales

Arguably one of the trickiest ways to sell art is through private sales, but this is where having a bank of contacts is invaluable. When you’re working with people in the industry, you then need to work on your sales pitches – you can find some useful advice on networking and sales techniques in this guide.

Other Considerations

Whatever methods you pursue, there are some important legal considerations you should make. First of all, everything from your sales to your handling of money and the art itself needs to be secure and lawful. This can get quite technical though, especially around issues including tax and VAT, with this it could be a good idea to use specialist advice on the matter from companies like Withers Worldwide. This way you can be sure your deals are protected.

So, take on board this advice and then you could be on your way to swift sales that reward your artistic expertise.

Images from Cihangir Apartment by Escapefromsofa

China World Trade Center Phase 3C by Andrew Bromberg at Aedas

120% presents Ceramic Paper – Postcards by Officinarkitettura