Design Your Office Building with Climate Change in Mind

Here are some design reminders for the next office building that you design

Climate change is an increasing concern for many people. Businesses have to worry about it as it can affect how they operate—it might even damage their property. It is especially important when it comes to commercial buildings. The climate can negatively affect a company’s operations in various ways. For example, hotter temperatures mean that work can be stifling in rooms without proper cooling. Here are some design reminders for the next office building that you design.

Be aware of the location

One of the critical factors for climate change problems is the location of the building. Depending on where it is, there may be climate-specific issues for the area that you need to prepare for. For example, if the region is flood-prone, you might need to install a soil retaining wall. It would have a dual purpose: the first one is to prevent soil erosion on the commercial property, while the second is to prevent flooding by channelling the water away to a proper drainage area.

Using the ideal materials

Another part of building design is the choice of the best materials. Steel and concrete are great, but they are not perfect. They have a large carbon footprint that makes climate change even worse. Several materials are becoming more popular since they are eco-friendly. The most interesting is wood. It comes in many forms, whether as reclaimed wood or fresh timber. Wood is a very flexible material, and it is a carbon sink since trees store CO2 inside.

Other materials that are finding popularity come from recycling. For example, Ferrock takes wastes like steel dust and ground-up glass to create an excellent concrete substitute. The durable material is five times stronger than cement.

Apart from selecting ideal materials, it is also crucial to use them optimally and reduce wastage. Wasted materials from construction sites create many environmental issues eventually and futuristic construction like modular can help eliminate or at least minimize builders waste.

Design Your Office Building with Climate Change in Mind

Focus on being energy-efficient

Climate change can increase energy consumption because of the increased need for heating and cooling depending on the weather. However, architectural design can add various features to the office building to help cut down on the bills. For example, you can install natural ventilation features. They can save a lot of money by letting natural airflow do the heavy work in cooling and warming. High levels of insulation can also help so that the building’s energy needs don’t skyrocket. You can even suggest adding solar panels to the roof of the building. Generating its power can ensure that a building will be ready for power outages.

Future-proofing is the goal

Don’t stop thinking about what will happen to the building in one year. The ultimate goal is to evaluate what it needs in ten years to be at its best. First, imagine how the building would be affected by a harsh storm or a heatwave. Then, determine what it needs so that the occupants can stay comfortable.

Final thoughts

Climate change will affect a lot of people. Therefore, ensuring that a commercial building can handle the effects of a different climate is essential. The advice above should help you design a facility that will be able to handle a different world.

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