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Revamp Ideas for Your Child’s Room

It can often be difficult for parents to go about revamping a child’s room – you have to account for a suitable budget, time, and importantly, compromise between your child’s wants and your own. What your kids need from their rooms will change as they grow and change, so you can expect to revamp your child’s room several times before they move out. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a handy overview.



One of the most crucial elements of revamping a kid’s room is to determine what they need at this particular stage, according to how they grow. Much like updating your child’s school uniform, the furniture needs to be accounted for. While younger children are comfortable in child-sized beds and with small play tables, as they enter their teens chances are they are outgrowing some of their existing furniture. Consider investing in a single bed for when that growth spurt begins, and repurposing a play table as a desk for studying.



One of the main areas you will want to focus on, working with your child, is creating storage space. Between toys, books, games, and school work, kids manage to accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. When choosing new pieces of furniture, consider its potential storage benefits: beds with drawer space, bedside tables with extra cupboards are all great examples. On a smaller scale, ensure your child has plenty of containers and tins in which to keep smaller items like art materials – old jam jars can easily be washed out and decorated with colourful paints and glitter glue to make a new home for pens and paintbrushes.


Soft furnishings

Changing the soft furnishings of your child’s room, such as the bedding, is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to spruce up a room. Taking your child shopping and allowing them to choose new sheets, pillows, and blankets is a great way to encourage their independence and make their living space more personal – not to mention cozy. Alternatively, embrace their creative side by helping them decorate their existing furnishings, be it by tie-dying a duvet cover or embroidering some cushion covers.

Wall decor

Over the years, your child will undoubtedly want to decorate their wall, be it with a crayon when an adult’s back is turned, or as a teen by making a magazine collage. A fresh lick of paint is one easy way to revamp the room, but if you don’t have the time consider something smaller. Blackboard paint is an easy way to create space for your child to express themselves at any age, by painting a section for them to draw in.

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