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Fusing Heritage and Modernity at Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine

A Journey Through Flavor, Ambiance, and Time in Beijing


©Zheng Yan

In June 2023, Wanwei partnered with IN.X to design the Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine restaurant located at the Wangfujing Department Store in Beijing. This marks another exploration of how Chengdu’s ancient traditions unite with the contemporary essence of the capital, Beijing, showcasing the fusion of regional delicacies and the vibrant atmosphere of a century-old shopping street. Wu Wei holds the belief that the fusion of culture and ambiance gives rise to narratives, therefore inspiring the Wanwei Roast Duck & Beijing Cuisine.

The space is established against the urban setting of Beijing, while its brand originates from Chengdu. Chengdu has been a city of immigrants since ancient times, and the inclusive spirit of the city is incorporated into the space. The contemporary urban characteristics of the brand’s DNA are delineated in a way that is linked architectural elements, glossy metallic surfaces, and the ethereal warmth of floating hues.

©Zheng Yan


©Zheng Yan

From the entrance to the open seating area through a folded corridor, with the urban imagery of old and new Beijing before you, ancient wooden beams and a contemporary inclined structure coexist—one representing the past, the other the present. The addition of sleek and lightweight metallic materials injects a modern touch into the details. The representation of rocks and water features predominates, breaking away from traditional spatial compositions and providing more viewing angles for these natural elements. The old shadows of Beijing’s architecture are captured simultaneously from the gray-blue stone surface, allowing the light and simple modern materials to integrate seamlessly into the entire space. These materials, with varying levels of gloss, complete multiple visual layers. The red color is drawn from the convergence of ancient and modern, reflecting the flavors of human sentiment, and is the most representative color in the spiritual consciousness of the Chinese people. The improved Ming-style dining chairs also seamlessly inherit the blended characteristics of the space, similar to a casual stroke in a painting, further enriching the cultural inclusiveness of the space.

©Zheng Yan

Amid numerous similar brands that bridge the gap between antiquity and modernity, the designer adjusts the spatial image to resonate with the target diners: looking back at tradition before incorporating contemporary trends, finding a comfortable balance between nostalgia and innovation. Ultimately, the designer aims for the space and the food to form an inseparable impression complex that captivates diners, turning each experience into an encounter that engages all five senses. This approach enables the establishment to adapt to market changes while maintaining its unique attributes.

Project Name | Wanwei Roast Duck Wangfujing BranchProject
Location | Beijing, China Project Area | 630 sqm
Completion Time| 12.2023
Interior Design | Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd
Design Lead |Wu Wei
Design Team | Li Weiju, Jia Qifeng, Qu Zheng
Interior Furnishings | Song Jiangli, Ying Zheguang
Lighting Design | Uniimport by ElementechProject
Photography | Zheng YanProject
Copywriting | NARJEELING
Project Planning |LEBrand Strategy Agency



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